Rowdy Rajkumar 2 ( Gautham nanda ) Hindi dubbed full movie Release date confirmed


Here is exclusive good news Gopichand much awaited movie Gautham nanda Hindi dubbed world television premier confirmed. Gautham nanda hindi dubbed promo is now out on Zee cinema and Zee cinema HD. Movie would be telecasted on Zee Cinema and Zee cinema HD. Gautham nanda hindi dubbed was titled as ROWDY RAJKUMAR 2 . Rowdy rajkumar 2 world television premier on 15 february 2018 at 8 pm only on Zee cinema and Zee cinema HD.
Movie is dubbed by qulab dubbing studio. Please watch this movie on world televisio premier and do not wait for download link.

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* Gopicand in dual role ( Ghattamaneni Gautham & Nanda Kishore )
* Hanshika motwani as Spoorthi
* Catherine Tresa as Mugdha
* Mukesh Rishi as Mudra
* And more

Movie was directed by Sampath Nandi. Movie plot was also written by Sampath Nandi.
Gautham nanda movie budget was around 26 crore and movie failed to cover its budget.
Movie was declared as a flop in telugu Industry. But movie had a high demand in Hindi dubbed Audience. 


Gautham (Gopichand) is the only son of Ghattamaneni Vishnu Prasad , the 5th richest billionaire in the world. He does not have any emotions and leads a luxurious life in Bangalore, Karnataka. Mugdha daughter of Vishnu Prasad's business partner Mudra, she is deeply in love with Gautham.
In a party, a waiter spills the drink on his shirt, which angers Gautham and slaps the waiter and insults him calling him a low life to which the waiter replies that he is a spoiled brat and asks if he really knows himself. That question intrigues Gautham leading him to realize that he does not have any individual identity without his father. In an attempt to end his life he crashes his car into another person, who turns out to be Nanda Kishore.
Both of them reveal their stories to each other. Nanda is from lower middle-class family living in a slum in Hyderabad with his parents and sister along with his love interest Spoorthi. Nanda's aspirations to develop an app fail, due to which his father sends him off to Bangalore to get a job. But he chooses to end his life which would enable his family to claim insurance. Now Gautham is also fed-up with opulent lifestyle and wants to feel the emotions of living in poverty. So, both of them decide to exchange their lives for a month which would expose them to experience the lifestyle they have been craving for, after which Gautham Ghattamaneni would be introduced to the world as the sole heir of his father's wealth. They spend a night in a hotel learning about each other and fitting into each other’s shoes to begin their new lives.

What happens next ? Is is movie's further story.

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