Vivegham Mersal and Raja The Great Hindi dubbed - Reason for late release

3 Reasons why  Vivegham Mersal and Raja The Great Hindi dubbed is releasing so late.

At the beginning of year 2018 Goldmines telefilms Announced that they had secured the dubbing rights of Mersal, vivegham and Raja The great. But its already almost the end of February month but no release dates of this movie is still announced.

So here are the reasons behind it:-

1. A big list of pending movies with Goldmines telefilm

Goldmine telefilm already had many pending movies whose hindi dubbing is already 100% completed. Which includes * Main insaaf karoonga 2 * Race gurram * Rambo straight forward * Hebbuli and much more movies.

2. Incomplete dubbing of these movies

From the above movie Only Vivegham is the movie whose hindi dubbing is 100% completed and Mersal hindi dubbing is still incomplete. 
Raja the great hindi dubbing is still not started yet.


3. Goldmine telefilms may be looking to release this movies in a series

All these movies are big movies, so it may be like that Goldmine telefilms might be looking to release these movie in their Action Super kings series which starts at the month of June July every year. Last year Action super kings include big movie like Sarrainodu and Theri. 

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  1. Raja the great hindi dubbed kyun nahi aa rahi aapke saare reasons to ab tak khatam ho gye hain