Allu Arjun's Sarrainodu Record of fastest 500k liked movie on YouTube is now broken.


Recently Stylish star Allu Arjun movie Sarrainodu became the movie viewed and most liked Indian movie on YouTube with 145 Million views and 500K likes.
snapshot of Sarrainodu Hindi dubbed version

Trade analyst Ramesh Bala wrote, “Most Viewed Indian Movie 145M+ views. Most Liked Indian Movie 500K+ Likes. Sarrainodu Hindi Dubbed Movie Storm on YouTube. All Time Indian cinema Record on YouTube.” Sarrainodu Hindi dubbed version was dubbed by Goldmine Telefilms and was released on Youtube on 28 May 2017. Now Sarrainodu is standing at 149 million views and 514k Likes. Sarrainodu took 10 months to reach the millstone of  500k likes. But now this record is no more.

But today on 28 March an another Allu Arjun movie DJ ( Duvaada Jaganatham ) Hindi dubbed version broke the record of Sarrainodu of fastest 500 k likes. 
snapshot of DJ ( Duvaada jaganatham ) Hindi dubbed version

DJ ( Duvaada Jaganatham ) just took 4 months to reach the 500k milestone. DJ movie Hindi dubbed version was released on YouTube on 19th November 2017. And with in 24 hours movie completed 20 million+ views on YouTube. Movie was trending on YouTube India for more a week. Now DJ movie Hindi dubbed version is standing at  128 million+ views and 500 k likes. DJ is now marching to break the records of Sarrainodu. Now its just a difference of 20 million views and 14 k likes. DJ is now running faster than Sarrainodu. Hope DJ will make it soon. It all states the fan following of Bunny in North India.

Sarrainodu took 170 days to cross 100 million mark and DJ took only 70 days to cross 100 million mark.

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