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Kaala Karikaalan Hindi full movie Review | Rajnikanth | Huma Khureshi | Nana Patekar

Kaala Karikaalan aka ( Kaala )


Superstar Rajnikanth's much awaited Tamil movie Kaala released worldwide on 7th June, 2018 in 3 languages 'Tamil, Telugu and Hindi'. The movie was released in Hindi as Kaala Karikaalan- The King of Dharavi. Rajnikanth's Hindi voice over is done by voice artist Mayur Vyas and it was awesome. Kaala premiered in Malaysia on 6 June 2018. Let's talk about how is the movie Kaala and take a short review.

Kaala is Tamil action drama film, staring Superstar Rajnikanth, Nana Patekar and Huma Khureshi. Kaala is directed by Pa. Ranjith and produced by Dhanush.

Kaala movie storyline:

Kaala ( Rajnikanth ) is a gangster in Dharavi and Nana patekar is a politician. People treats Rajnikanth as their leader and Nana patekar wants to clear Dharavi to construct buildings. Now how Nana patekar tries to clear Dharavi and how Rajnikanth means 'Kaala' saves Dharavi is in the rest of the movie.

Plus Points:

Excellent performance full star-cast of the movie:

Not only Rajnikanth, but also rest of the star-cast gave their level best in the movie Kaala. We all know how greatly Sir. Nana patekar could acts, and he too showed is best in the movie.

Movie's screenplay and action is quite good:

Action scenes are kept quite realistic. Interval and climax scenes are very good. Climax is the best part of the movie.

Minus Points:

Not mentioned the past story of Rajnikanth:

If you are going to watch a movie based on leader of peoples, it is must that movie also mention how he became a leader. And here Kaala lacks that element.

First Half:

First half of the movie is quite boring and slow.

Nana Patekar:

A great actor like Nana Patekar is given with quite small role.

Final Verdict: Kaala is good mass entertainment movie, its truly a treat for Rajnikanth Fans. But if you except something new from this movie, you would be quite upset from this movie.

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