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Who is next ? ( Imaikkaa Nodigal / Aankhen ) Hindi dubbed full movie latest updates.

Who is next Hindi dubbed of Imaikkaa Nodigal

Who is next? ( Imaikkaa Nodigal ) is a Tamil Suspense psycho crime thriller movie staring staring lady superstar Nayanthara, Anurag Kashyap, Atharva and Raashi Khana in lead role. The movie was written and directed by R. Ajay Gnanamuthuwith. Hindi dubbing rights of Imaikkaa Nodigal was sold out way before the release of the movie. And here we have the complete information of the Hindi dubbed version.

About Imaikkaa Nodigal:-

Movie was written and Directed by R. Ajay Gnanamuthuwith and music of this movie is given by HipHop Tamizah. The release of this movie was delayed for about a year and then finally movie released at box office in 2018 and with great reviews of critics movie and positive response from audience movie proved to be one of the biggest blockbuster of 2018. The after few months movie was released on Amazon Prime videos and their it get more reaches of audience and was hugely appreciated. Recently Imaikkaa Nodigal was also released in Telugu dubbed version, which was titled as Anjali Vikramaditya. For more information about plot and cast check out wikipedia of Imaikkaa Nodigal.

Hindi dubbed version ( Who is next ? ) information:-

Hindi dubbing rights of Imaikkaa Nodigal were grabbed by Mumbai based Entertainment company Trisha media, who has previous dubbed some good Malayalam movie. Hindi dubbing of Imaikkaa nodigal was completed 4 months earlier and previously movie was titled as Aankhen, but now the final Hindi version title is Who is next?. Movie has recently ( 10 days ago ) got its censor certificate. And movie is ready to release on television sets. It's still not confirmed by us, on which TV channel movie will telecast, but according to us movie may telecast on Star Gold or UTV movies. As soon as we will get any update about it, we will update on this page, so make sure you visit here at regular interval.
Who is next Hindi dubbed full movie


  1. Nayanthara
  2. Atharva
  3. Raashi Khana
  4. Vijay Sethupathi ( Cameo role )
  5. Anurag Kashyap
  6. Uday Mahesh
  7. Jeeva Ravi and movie.
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Story:- *Spoiler Alert

A serial killer (Anurag Kashyap) upsets harmony in Bengaluru by abducting. He passes by the name of the exceedingly famous sequential executioner Rudra, who was reported dead five years prior. After another such case, in which the CBI are included headed by Anjali (Nayanthara), he goes live and announces himself as the perished Rudra. He demands that Rudra is as yet alive and reports that he is currently back in real life. Anjali, who managed the prior instance of Rudra, is selected to manage him. 

In a parallel storyline, Anjali's sibling Arjun (Atharvaa) is confronting an unpleasant time in his association with Krithika Rao (Raashi Khanna) and how they in the end separate. To influence it to up to her, he, with his companion Vinoth (Ramesh Thilak), goes to Bangalore to meet her and enters the lethal scene among Rudra and Anjali. The wait-and-see game gets too extraordinary when Rudra brings Arjun into the amusement by grabbing Krithika and requesting a payoff from her dad. With an end goal to spare Krithika, Arjun pursues Rudra's requests and gets confined as "Rudra", making things significantly more confounded for him. Anjali is suspended, Officer Narayan (Devan) assumes control over the case, and her family gets under house capture. 

After a progression of pieces of information, Arjun finds that ACP Martin Roy is the new Rudra and is endeavoring to execute Krithika. He battles with Martin, just to get beaten severely. Toward the finish of the battle, Martin uncovers that he isn't the genuine Rudra and was extremely near discovering rudra's identity. That is the point at which he got suspended and Anjali had assumed control over the case. Martin at that point uncovers that Rudra was Anjali. Feeling sold out, Martin denounced any and all authority, kills his better half, and stages three homicides like the ones that "Rudra" had done. At the point when Arjun goes up against Anjali, she uncovers her intention, and simultaneously, the genuine reason for the passing of her significant other Vikramadithyan (Vijay Sethupathi). He passed on in a mishap brought about by four men who hit his head severely and loss of parcel of blood. Despite the fact that Anjali demands them for help, they consider their wellbeing reason and slaughter Vikram and beat Anjali. To retaliate for his passing, Anjali makes a sequential executioner considered Rudra and murders the men in charge of Vikram's demise under the name. When she murders the last one, she proclaims him as Rudra and shuts the case. Together, Arjun and Anjali control Martin utilizing Narayan, and Martin is executed. The film closes with Arjun and Krithika accommodating and Anjali's girl Shalini (Manasvi Kottachi) tuning in to a chronicle of Vikram's final words for her.

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