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CoCo Kokila Hindi dubbed movie - Latest updates | Nayanthara.

CoCo Kokila
Nayanthara's CoCo Kokila Hindi version
CoCo Kokila Hindi dubbed movie - Update:- Tamil lady superstar ' Nayanthara ' is among those actress in India, who can make a movie blockbuster with her own talent and fan following. Many Tamil movies like Maya, Imaikkaa Nodigal and Kolamavu Kokila has proved that Nayanthara doesn't need any big name of male co-star to make her movie super-hit. Her fan following in north India is also good, people loves her movies and wait of her Hindi dub movie. So for all Nayanthara's North Indian fans, we have latest update of Hindi dub version of Nayanthara's Tamil movie - Kolamavu Kokila ( CoCo Kokila ).

Kolamavu Kokila is Tamil language dark comedy movie released in 2018, which was written and directed by Nelson Dilipkumar and was produced by Lyca Production. The movie features Nayanthara in lead role and music of the movie is composed by Anirudh Ravichandran. The movie was also released in Telugu dubbed version as CoCo Kokila. Movie had received great response from critics and audience which resulted in a very good IMDb rating of 7.3 out of 10 stars. Movie was big blockbuster at box office.

Hindi version updates:-

Hindi dubbing rights of CoCo Kokila/Kolamavu Kokila was sold out to Zee Cinema and also the Hindi dubbing of this movie is now 100% completed. Hindi dubbing is done at Qulab Dubbing studios. And movie may be soon telecast on Zee Cinema. As we will get any more updates about this movie we will update on this page, so please stay in touch with us.


  • Nayanthara
  • Yogi Babu
  • R.S. Shivaji
  • Rajendran
  • Cheenu Mohan
  • Charles Vinodh
  • Anbu Tashan and more
  • Refer wikipedia of full cast.

Story of CoCo Kokila:-

The film opens with the slaughtering of a cop by cocaine mafia ruler Bhai and his partners in crime. Kokila battles to get a new line of work to deal with her folks and sister. She discovers the cocaine pirating business of Mohan. At the point when her mom is determined to have lung malignancy, Kokila is compelled to work for Mohan. Her finesse gains her a name in the business. The new assessor Guru is a simple cop and gets serious about street pharmacists. Kokila is nearly gotten two or multiple times however figures out how to avoid the experts. She persuades Mohan to execute two of his partners in crime associated with spilling data and after that chooses to stop the business. Mohan apparently acknowledges however endeavors to assault her. She pounds him and endeavors to escape with her family however is gotten by Bobi, who had enrolled her at first. He requests that she convey a one final dispatch of 100 kilos to Alphonse. Kokila is compelled to acknowledge and enrolls the assistance of her family. She conveys the heap, yet it is uncovered that she exchanged a large portion of it for salt. She at that point traps Bobi to betray Bhai and after that outlines him for cheating Bhai. She has him executed and proceeds with the shipment run. In transit, she is gotten by the police, who were Alphonse's men in camouflage. She figures out how to abstain from getting assaulted and murders off her captors. Master tracks her down and captures her. Kokila makes an arrangement with him to catch Bhai and bring the entire medication business down. The arrangement works out, Bhai is shot dead, and Kokila and her family escape discipline. At last, the family begins a business of Kolam powder, calling it 'Kokila Kolamavu'.


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