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Geeta Govinda - Hindi dubbed version of Telugu movie Geetha Govindam | Confirm updates

Geeta Govinda Hindi Dubbed Movie
Geeta Govinda Hindi Dubbed Movie - Latest Updates
Hindi dubbed version of Telugu blockbuster movie Geetha Govindam is one of the much awaited Hindi dubbed movie. Geetha Govindam was one of the biggest blockbuster with the greatest profit ratio of year 2018. The movie was release with positive reviews from critics and was hugely appreciated by Telugu audience. Not only in Andhra Pradesh, but also in other south Indian states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka movie done a great collection at box office. Movie also witnessed a great appreciation from north Indian states like Maharastra, almost all theaters at Mumbai were house full at first two weeks.

Looking at such great hype and appreciation of Geetha Govindam, a great excitement for the Hindi dubbed version was created among North Indian fans. This resulted that, many fans from north India watched the Telugu version with English subtitles, as soon as the movie released on online streaming platform Zee5. But those who didn't watched Geetha Govindam yet and still waiting for the Hindi dubbed version of this movie we are here with a great news for all of you.

Geetha Govindam ( Geeta Govinda - Hindi ):-

Geetha Govindam Hindi Dubbed

Hindi dubbing rights of Geetha Govindam is sold out to Zee entertainment, or you can say to Zee cinema. And the latest updates are that the Hindi version of the movie is titled as Geeta Govinda, and the Hindi dubbed version is under process at Sound and Vision India Pvt Ltd. Vijay Devrakonda Hindi dubbed voice over is being done by dubbing artist Abhishekh ( we don't know anything about him ). But still, Hindi dubbing is not completed. Whenever Hindi dubbing will be completed and the Hindi version will get certified movie will be ready to get telecast on Zee cinema and the Hindi version will also release on the Zee5 official app and website. The censor certification of the movie completed in the movie of December, the movie may get a telecast on Zee Cinema in the month of January.

About this movie:-

Geeta Govinda is a Hindi dubbed version of Telugu Romantic Drama movie Geetha Govindam released in 2018. The movie was directed by Parshuram and was produced by Bunny Vasu. Geetha Govindam stars Vijay Devrakonda and Rashmika Mandana in the lead role.


  • Vijay Devrakonda as Vijay 
  • Rashmika Mandana as Geeta
  • Subbaraju as Geeta's Brother
  • Veenila Kishore as Geeta's Bridegroom
  • Abhay as Govind's friend
  • Anu Emmanuel and Nithya Menon in Cameo role.

Plot of the movie:-

The film begins with Vijay compromising with Nithya of the street around evening time. She discovers him sitting alone and miserable. When she enquires him he begins to reveal to her his story. Vijay Govind is a beguiling youthful multi-year-old school educator. One of his understudies Neelu really likes him and straightforwardly seeks after him. He meets this young lady he sees at the transport stop regular yet when he admits his undying adoration for her, he discovers that she is as of now hitched. Amid a visit to the sanctuary, Vijay enquires the minister about the embellishments and comes to realize it was altogether done by a young lady, Geetha. Vijay discovers that the young lady is unmarried and is quickly pulled in to her. Before Vijay can seek after Geetha, he comes to realize that his sister's commitment is fixed and leaves for his town Kakinada. Fortuitously, Geetha turns into his co-traveler on the transport, involving the seat by the window next to him. While endeavoring to take a selfie with Geetha, who was dozing, Vijay unintentionally kisses her on the lips. Vijay asks for pardoning, yet Geetha binds his hands to the transport seat and calls her sibling and advises him of the episode. The following morning when Geetha's sibling Phaneendra, sheets the transport, Geetha educates him that, the man had gotten away by bouncing out of the running transport by breaking the window. 

Vijay, feeling that he has effectively gotten away, is stunned to find that his sister is locked into none other than Phaneendra. Phaneendra, at first suspects Vijay to be one who gotten rowdy with his sister, yet when Geetha calls attention to that Vijay isn't the individual, Phaneendra relinquishes him. Vijay expresses gratitude toward Geetha for sparing him, yet she says that she just did it as she didn't need his sister to endure as a result of him. Since the wedding date for Phaneendra and Sirisha is set two weeks away, Geetha's dad solicits her to take assistance from Vijay in Hyderabad for all wedding related shopping. Geetha reluctantly acknowledges. In spite of the fact that Vijay endeavors to apologize to Geetha ordinarily for his conduct, Geetha does not acknowledge it. Exactly when Geetha begins to warm up to Vijay, Neelu sends a bare video to Vijay to stand out enough to be noticed, which Geetha sees and believes that he hasn't changed by any stretch of the imagination. At the point when Geetha begins to abuse Vijay's family, he gets a battle with her and forsakes her amidst the street during the evening. In the interim Phaneendra chooses to find the person who acted mischievously with Geetha with the assistance of his police companions in Hyderabad. When they at last catch him by taking a gander at the vehicle booking records, it is discovered that the booking was finished by Vijay's companion Ramakrishna under his own name and persuades his companion not to rodent him out for his sister's marriage. 

Geetha visits her manager's home to welcome them to her sibling's wedding, yet is stunned to discover Neelu, the young lady who had sent the naked video to Vijay. Geetha attempts to caution Neelu's mom about Vijay conceivably endeavoring to trap Neelu, yet she reveals that she definitely thinks about it. After Vijay and Geetha had battled before because of the video, Vijay went up against Neelu in regards to the video before her mom, and settled things with her. He likewise told Neelu of his own oversight with Geetha and his affection for her, without naming her and how remorseful he will feel for it for a mind-blowing remainder. Understanding that she had been off-base about Vijay the entire time and inspired with his practical frame of mind Geetha goes gaga for him. Geetha persuades his sibling to leave for his town alongside her and disregard the episode on the transport. When he concurs, she transfers the message to Vijay by and by and he is cheerful however does not admit her inclination for him. Geetha and Phaneendra's granddad experiences a heart assault. His grandma expecting that her better half probably won't be alive to see Geetha's marriage, powers everybody to get Geetha wedded on a similar day as Phaneendra. Phaneendra recommends Vijay's name for marriage and Geetha joyfully acknowledges. In any case, Vijay anyway turns down the proposition to Geetha face to face, as he feels that he can't see his own mom in her who had kicked the bucket when he was nearly nothing. He feels that for Geetha he is only a decision and not the unparalleled alternative. Crushed and shattered she consents to wed the individual of her folks decision. 

Amid the pre-marriage arrangements, Geetha's grandma is severe towards Vijay for dismissing her granddaughter and uncovers that it was Phaneendra who had proposed Vijay's name to his relatives. Stunned and confounded, Vijay admits to Phaneendra about his experience with Geetha on the transport. Phaneendra discloses to him that he definitely thought about it and Geetha was the individual who uncovered it to him alongside her adoration for Vijay. He tells Vijay, that for Geetha he's not a decision, rather is the unparalleled choice. Vijay converses with Geetha, and she at last admits her adoration and how crushed she was the point at which he felt that she was coercing him into marriage along these lines scrutinizing her character. Vijay requests pardoning and passes on his desire to wed her, however she uncovers that it's past the point of no return and she is getting hitched toward the beginning of the day. The film presently comes back to the beginning of the motion picture, where Vijay is unfit to make sense of what to do to win back his adoration. Nithya gives him a thought. Amidst marriage customs, Vijay strolls on to marriage dais and asks Phaneendra to stand. Vijay all of a sudden falls at his brother by marriage feet before everybody (Nithya's thought) and chooses not to relinquish his feet except if he offers Geetha to him. Geetha albeit stunned is inspired by Vijay's intense move before everybody and acknowledges Vijay. The motion picture closes with Geetha and Vijay going to Shirdi on a transport. At the point when Vijay kisses a resting Geetha on the cheek, she slaps him. Stunned, Vijay again begins to ask for her absolution as prior, yet Geetha affectionately continues to kiss him.

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