Dumdaar Khiladi ( Hello Guru Prema Kosame ) Hindi dubbed movie | Latest updates.

Dumdaar Khiladi ( Hello Guru Prema Kosame ) Hindi dubbed movie | Ram Pothineni & Anupama Parmeshwaran | Updates.

Dumdaar Khiladi ( Hello Guru Prema Kosame )

Dumdaar Khiladi ( Hello Guru Prema Kosame ) Hindi dubbed movie - Latest Updates:-  Dumdaar Khiladi is Hindi dubbed version of 2018 blockbuster Telugu movie Hello Guru Prema Kosame staring Energetic star Ram Pothineni and Gorgeous Anupama Parmeshwaran is lead role. Hello Guru Prema kosame was blockbuster at box office and collected around ₹51 crores at box office. Movie was directed by Trinadhha Rao Nakkina and was produced by Dil Raju.

Hindi dubbed version latest updates:-

Hindi dubbing rights of Hello Guru Prema Kosame was sold out very earlier to Aditya Movie. And we had updated you about it on boxofficetalks.com. We had also updated that Hindi dubbing of the movie is almost completed in Vyom Dubbing Studios. And now the latest updates are, Hindi dubbing is 100% completed and also Hindi dubbed version title is almost confirmed as ' Dumdaar Khiladi '. Hindi dubbed version of Dumdaar Khiladi will soon telecast television and will be uploaded on Aditya Movies - Hindi and Telugu YouTube channel. News credit - South Hindi dubb Films.

Dumdaar Khiladi Hindi dubbed full movie world television premiere on 7th July 2019 only on Star Gold and Star Gold HD.


Dumdaar Khiladi is 2019 Hindi dubbed movie, which is Hindi dubbed version Telugu movie Hello Guru Prema Kosame which features Ram Pothineni and Anupama Parmeshwaran is main lead role.

Cast of the movie:-

  1. Ram Pothineni
  2. Anupama Parmeshwaran
  3. Parinitha Subhas
  4. Prakash Raj
  5. Aamani
  6. Sithara
  7. Posani Murali
  8. Jayaprakash and more.
Refer wikipedia page for full cast of Dumdaar Khiladi.


Sanju is a joyful youth in Kakinada whose life rotates around his cherishing guardians and his companions. In spite of the fact that he is first extremely difficult on remaining in the place where he grew up, he at last chooses to move to Hyderabad in the wake of learning of his folks' craving of him finding a decent IT line of work. He is solicited to remain in the home from Viswanath , Sanju's mom Gayatri's companion. 

On the train to Hyderabad, Sanju meets Anu, who he humiliates and tricks in the wake of hearing her sass Kakinada young men. He later discovers that Anu is none other than Viswanath's girl and he should impart a home to her and drop her to school each morning. At first, Anu has a profound scorn for Sanju however later gets used to him because of his generous nature and love for his family. They become great companions. Sanju additionally finds about Viswanath's notoriety of continually keeping his statement and even relinquished his fantasy of making Anu a specialist so as to satisfy a guarantee he made to his withering companion. 

Sanju likewise checks out a young lady working in his office named Reethu, and they start a relationship. In the meantime, his companionship with Anu reinforces, yet when Reethu proposes to Sanju, he at long last finds his concealed love for Anu and understands that he thought about Anu something other than a companion. Exactly when he is going to uncover his affection to Anu, Viswanath finishes Anu's commitment to Karthik, making's Sanju extremely upset. 

Viswanath and Sanju become dear companions now, and Viswanth gives Sanju his pledge that he will be his companion until Sanju leaves Hyderabad. At the point when Sanju at last uncovers his affection for Anu to Viswanath, Viswanath is stuck in a predicament as he needs to keep up his oath and be a companion to Sanju by helping him gain Anu's adoration, while as yet ensuring Anu and attempting to fend off her from Sanju's advances. After the diverting and enthusiastic disorder that results, Anu at last uncovers to Sanju that she too adored him from the beginning and requests that he remove her and wed her. At the point when Viswanath becomes more acquainted with about this, he too irately and candidly advises Sanju to remove her and wed her as he is tired of the circumstance. Be that as it may, to Viswanath's stun, Sanju leaves the following morning while Anu is still at home. Sanju uncovers that he did this as he would not like to hurt Viswanath, as he must be a decent companion to him, and he additionally understood that Viswanth will know best for his girl. Before long, Viswanath lands in Kakinda with Anu and cheerfully gives his approval for them to get hitched, as he understands that no one but Sanju can satisfy Anu.

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