Vijay Devarakonda's Taxiwaala movie in Hindi Dubbed | Next movie After Geetha Govindam

Vijay Devarakonda's Taxiwaala movie in Hindi dubbed | Zee cinema grabbed the Hindi rights after Geetha Govindam.

Taxiwaala - Vijay Devarakonda Hindi dubbed movie
Taxiwaala Hindi dubbed movie - Poster by Crazy 4 movie.
Taxiwaala Hindi dubbed movie - Vijay Devarakonda: Taxiwaala is the 2018 Telugu language Sci-fic/supernatural horror movie. The movie was written and directed by Rahul Sanskritiyan and was produced by Bunny Vas under the banner of GA2 Pictures and UV Creations. The movie features Vijay Devarakonda, Priyanka Jawalkar and Malavika Nair in the main lead role. Apart from being leaked on the internet before the theatrical release, Taxiwaala was a huge success at the box office.

Hindi Dubbed version latest updates of Taxiwaala:

The Hindi dubbing rights of Taxiwaala were sold out to Zee cinema ( Zee Entertainment ), and now the latest updates which have been coming are, Hindi dubbing of Taxiwaala is now started at Qulab Dubbing Studios. As soon as the Hindi dubbing of the movie will complete and get finished, the movie will be premiered on Zee cinema after the censor certification.

We only have this much update of the Hindi dubbed version of Taxiwaala. If we will get any further updates, we will update that on this page, so stay tuned to us.

Taxiwaala movie cast:

  • Vijay Devarakonda
  • Priyanka Jawalkar
  • Malavika Nair
  • Madhunandan
  • Vishnu
  • Ravi Prakash
  • Kalyani and more

Plot of Taxiwaala movie:

The storyline of Taxiwaala is based on the Bhagavadgita- 23rd Sholk of Chapter 2.

The motion picture begins off with an odd scene in a clinic and afterward slices to multi-year later. Shiva comes to Hyderabad to live with his companion and get a new line of work. His companion recommends him several employments and Shiva attempts every one of them. Yet, he isn't fulfilled and chooses to turn into a cabbie. He goes to his town to get cash from his sibling yet rather gets it from his sister-in-law ( Kalyani) who promptly gives away her mangalsutra to him. Shiva and his companions look for a vehicle in their financial limit yet come up short. One morning, Shiva gets a call from an obscure individual who discloses to him that he has a vehicle that is prepared to be sold. Shiva meets the vehicle's proprietor and takes the vehicle cheerfully, while his companion is somewhat reluctant. 

Shiva begins to work for the Ola Cab Service. On his first ride, he becomes hopelessly enamored with a young lady named Anusha. At that point, he begins to encounter creepy things in the vehicle. He attempts to contact the vehicle's past proprietor however is unfit to do as such. A phony fakir comes and tricks them by removing the vehicle. The fakir is nearly executed while he is inside the vehicle. The next morning, Shiva and his companions see the vehicle in their carport. Shiva needs to organize cash for his sister-in-law's conveyance, so he begins to drive the vehicle once more. He is spared from a mishap by the vehicle itself. Once, subsequent to dropping Anusha at her living arrangement, Shiva is satisfied by a specialist to drop him someplace. Be that as it may, the specialist is executed when it is hit in the vehicle and is kept running on by a train in the wake of being tossed out of the vehicle. 

Shiva chooses to go to the vehicle's past proprietor's home and take something so he can request the cash from him. He and his companions go there and discover an individual in the storeroom of the house. They concede him in a clinic. The individual awakens and explains that he knows why the vehicle acts strangely. He tells that he was a teacher of brain research and parapsychology. Once, he encourages a subject called Astral Projection through which one can isolate his/her spirit from the body before death. An understudy named Sisira Bharadwaj requests that he perform it on her. He asks her the explanation for her expectations. In a flashback, Sisira reveals to her story-She lives with her mom and her progression father, Raghuram. Her mom kicks the bucket and she is enormously bothered by this. She discloses to him that she needs to realize who slaughtered her mom. The teacher performs Astral Projection on her and all the while, she begins to dive deep into the Astral world. 

Raghuram arrives and takes the educator and Sisira in a vehicle, alongside his companion, who is a specialist. Be that as it may, the two hit the teacher and Sisira's spirit is isolated from her body. Sisira's body is removed by a facility as she gives her body. On knowing this, Shiva apologizes to her soul. The teacher reveals to them that Sisira can be breathed life into back in the event that they get her body. Shiva and his companions go to the center and get the body, with the assistance of the security protect turned fakir who had attempted to take their vehicle prior. Raghuram wishes to see Sisira's body and goes to the center. He is nearly slaughtered by her soul, however, he spares himself. Shiva beats him and takes him and Sisira's body to the educator's lab. Raghuram awakens and attempts to remove Sisira's body however the vehicle gets singed by Sisira's spirit. Shiva gets incredibly disheartened.
He gets a call from Anusha who discloses to him that his sister-in-law brought forth an infant young lady. He goes to the emergency clinic just to understand the child had passed on because of Chromosome Abnormality. Every one of them goes to the carport and comfort one another. While the infant's body is in the vehicle, Sisira's spirit enters the body and the infant begins crying. Shiva, his sibling, his sister-in-law, his companions, the teacher, and Anusha meet up and nestle the infant. 

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