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Peechakai - Hindi Dubbed Full Movie - Release Date Confirmed

Peechankai South Hindi Dubbed movie
Peechankai - Hindi Dubbed movie
Peechankai - Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | World Television Premiere: Zee Cinema is back with another South Hindi Dubbed Tamil Movie. And the movie is 2019 Tamil Dark Comedy movie 'Peechankai'. The movie features R.S. Karthik, Anjali Rao, and M.S. Bhaskar. The movie marks the debut of Karthik. Peechankai had received good decent reviews from both critics and the public. And the concept of the movie was hugely appreciated. Overall it was a great debut for R.S. Karthik.

Hindi Dubbed version of Peechankai is titled the same as the original title, and the Hindi version world television premiere is on 20th June 2019 at 3pm only on Zee Cinema and Zee Cinema HD. Right now we don't have any updates for the YouTube release of Peechankai. The movie might get a release on Zee5 where you can watch it online or download the full movie in offline mode.

Cast of Peechankai:

  1. R.S. Karthik
  2. Anjali Rao
  3. M.S. Bhaskar
  4. Vivek Prasanna
  5. Shruti Menon
  6. Krish Haran
  7. Arun and more...

The movie deals with a disease called Alien Hand Syndrome. Smoothu is a popular left-gave pickpocket who works alongside his posse Reeta and Ravi in Chennai. He has a few morals however, an unexpected mishap makes him endure cerebrum damage which results in an outsider hand disorder (AHS). Smoothu's left-hand quits complying with his order and get its very own psyche. It turns into his ethical self, preventing him from fouling up things. He needs 3 Lakh rupees to fix his condition, so he takes up a task from a group of hoodlums to take a legislator's telephone. What occurs next is a progression of setback comedies brought about by his outsider's hand, which finally triumphs over the abhorrent powers.

Reference Table:

  • R.S. Karthik
  • Anjali Rao
 Hindi Dubbed version:
 Television Premiere on Zee Cinema
 Bala Murali Balu
 Release Date:
 20th June 3pm

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