Satya Gang Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Satya Gang Telugu Movie in Hindi

Satya Gang Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Release Date Confirmed.

Satya Gang Hindi Dubbed Movie
Satya Gang Hindi Dubbed Movie - Release Date
Satya Gang Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Television Premiere release date:  World Television Premiere of 2018 Telugu language action-drama movie Satya Gang's Hindi Dubbed version world television premiere date is now 100% confirmed. Satya Gang features Sathvik Ishwar and Akshita in the main lead role. The movie was directed by Prabhas Nimmala. Satya Gang was a big disaster at the box office with negative reviews from critics and audiences.

Satya Gang Hindi Dubbed version world television premiere is on Colors Cineplex on 29th July at 7:30pm. Also, the Hindi dubbed version YouTube premiere will be on the same night on the WAM Media YouTube channel, there you can watch the full movie online or can download it in offline mode.

Cast of Satya Gang:

  1. Sathvik Ishwar
  2. Akshita
  3. Prathyush
  4. Suhashini Maniratnam
  5. Suman Talvar

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Raj and Satya are two vagrants who run the Satya Garage. As time cruises by, Raj becomes hopelessly enamored with Akki though Satya cherishes Sanju. This is additionally when a feared pack in the city makes excitement all over by submitting plenty of killings. The wind in the story emerges when these homicide cases fall on both Satya and Raj. Who is this posse? For what reason would they say they are carrying out these wrongdoings? what's more, in what manner will Raj and Satya turned out as blameless people? That structures the remainder of the story.

Reference Table:

 Satya Gang
 Telugu Movie Dubbed in Hindi
  • Sathvik
  • Akshita
 Hindi Dubbed version:
Television premiere on Colors Cineplex
Prabhas Nimmala
Prabhas Nimmala
Action Drama

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