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Yaman Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Release Date Confirmed | Vijay Anthony | Zee Cinema.

Yaman Hindi Dubbed Movie
Yaman Hindi Dubbed Movie - Release Date Confirm
Yaman Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Television premier release date: 2017 Tamil language Political thriller movie Yaman's Hindi dubbed version release date is now 100% confirmed. The movie features Vijay Anthony and Miya in the main lead role. The movie had done a decent performance at the box-office with mixed reviews from critics and audiences. However, Vijay Anthony's movie always has something different in it which makes them at least a one time watch. He is among one of the finest actors in the Tamil industry. The movie was directed by Jeeva Shankar under the production house of Lyca Production and Vijay Anthony Film Corporation.

The Hindi dubbing rights of the movie were sold out to Zee Cinema and Hindi dubbed version of the movie is now all set to have its television premiere. Hindi version of the movie is titled the same as the original and world television premiere is on 23rd August at 6pm only on Zee Cinema and Zee Cinema HD. There will be no official YouTube release of Yaman's Hindi version, but the movie may get a digital release on Zee5 after few weeks of television premiere for online watching. You can also download the full movie there on Zee5.

Cast of Yaman movie:

  1. Vijay Anthony
  2. Miya
  3. Thiagarajan
  4. Charle
  5. Arjai
  6. Sreeja Ravi
  7. Sangili Murugan and more...

The Hindi dubbed version promos of Yaman are now playing on Zee Cinema. As the story starts from, Arivudai Nambi is slaughtered by his opponents, who dread that their position would be undermined if he somehow managed to become wildly successful in legislative issues. Decades later, his child Tamilarasan is coincidentally drawn into the cloudy universe of behind-the-screens politicking when he is imprisoned due to confessing to having hit somebody out and about.

Two criminal sort baddies with political support become his foes, and this thusly carries him closer to Karunakaran, a political heavyweight who has his very own desire. A priest sees Tamilarasan as a foe since he finds in him Nambi, whom he had schemed to kill. Intrigues and counter-maneuvers develop with the developing political desire of Tamilarasan, whose adversaries won't let him and his companion Anjana live in harmony. Tamilarasan intensely faces this in his round of one-upmanship and understands his fantasy of becoming huge in governmental issues.

The Tamil version of the movie is already available on Zee5 but English subtitles are not available. So, if you know Tamil you can watch the full movie now on the Zee5 movie app or on their website.

Reference Table:

Tamil Movie Dubbed in Hindi
  • Vijay Anthony
  • Miya
 Hindi Dubbed version:
Hindi dubbed version television premiere on Zee Cinema
Jeeva Shankar
Vijay Anthony

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