Badle Ki Raat Revenge Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Boochamma Boochudu movie in Hindi

Badle Ki Raat Revenge (Boochamma Boochudu) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Zee Cinema | Release Date.

Badle Ki Raat Revenge Hindi Dubbed movie
Badle Ki Raat Revenge Hindi Dubbed movie - Release Date
Badle Ki Raat Revenge Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Release Date: Hindi dubbed version of 2014 Telugu language Horror-Comedy movie Boochamma Boochudu is now going to have its world television premiere on Zee Cinema. Boochamma Boochudu features Karthik, Sharavani, Brahmanandam, Vennela Kishore, and Poshani Krishna Murali in the main lead role. The was declared as a flop at the box office. The movie received mixed to negative reviews from critics and audiences.

The Hindi dubbed version of the movie is titled Badle Ki Raat Revenge and the Hindi version world television premiere is on 19th September at 9pm only on Zee Cinema. However, the full movie is already available on the online movie streaming platform Zee5. So you can watch the full movie for free without any subscription Zee5 or you can also download the movie there only.

Cast of Badle Ki Raat Revenge:

  1. Karthik
  2. Sharavani
  3. Brahmanandam
  4. Vennela Kishore
  5. Poshani Murali Krishna
  6. Venu
  7. Dhanraj
  8. Chammak Chandra

Karthik and Shravani are a cheerfully hitched IT couple. In the event of his significant other's birthday, Karthik purchases Shravani a ranch house in the edges of the city. Energized with her blessing, Shravni plans seven days in length occasion in their new and lovely home. 

When they land there, things take a u-turn, and odd things start occurring between the couple. The rest of the story is with respect to how the couple turns out from the detestable home, and what really is behind all these startling episodes.

Reference Table:

Badle Ki Raat Revenge
Telugu Movie Dubbed in Hindi
  • Karthik
  • Saravani
 Hindi Dubbed version:
Hindi dubbed version television premiere on Zee Cinema
Rewon Yadu
Sekhar Chandra
Horror Comedy

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