Furious Jigarwala Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Dhanush Enai Noki Paayum Thota In Hindi

Furious Jigarwala (Enai Noki Paayam Thota) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Updates | Dhanush.

Furious Jigarwala Hindi Dubbed Movie
Furious Jigarwala Hindi Dubbed Movie - Latest Updates
Furious Jigarwala (ENPT) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Confirm Updates: 2019 Tamil Action Thriller movie Enai Noki Paayum Thota is now all set to release in Hindi version. The movie features Dhanush and Megha Akash in the main lead role. The movie was directed by Gautham Menon. The movie had faced a lot of obstacles before the release and I took almost 3 years to release. The movie an average performer at the box office, with mixed to negative reviews from critics and audience. However, all Hindi speaking Dhanush and Thriller movie fans were eagerly waiting for the dubbed version of ENPT, so for them, the wait is over, and here is every detail you need to know about the Hindi version.

The Hindi dubbing rights of Enai Noki Paayum Thota were sold out to New Age Cinema before the original Tamil release. And now according to the latest updates, the Hindi dubbing process of the movie is 100% completed and the Hindi dubbed version is titled as Furious Jigarwala. Also, New Age Cinema had planned to release the Hindi dubbed version in the month of April but, due to the current situation, the movie is not getting censor certification as everything including the CBFC offices are closed. And without any censor clearance, a movie is not allowed to get a television premiere. So we need to wait until everything gets normal and after that, we may see a television premiere of Furious Jigarwala.

After the television premiere, the movie will also get its YouTube release on New Age Cinema's Official YouTube channel.

Cast Of Furious Jigarwala:

  1. Dhanush
  2. Megha Akash
  3. Sashi Kumar
  4. Sunaina
  5. Vela Ramamoorthy

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Also, the Official Hindi trailer of Furious Jigarwala (Enai Noki Paayum Thota) is now streaming on New Age Cinema's YouTube channel. If you want to watch the original Tamil version, then you can watch it on Amazon Prime Videos with English and Hindi subtitles.

Raghu, a Btech understudy becomes hopelessly enamored with Lekha who goes to his school for her film's shoot. Then again, Lekha is a vagrant who is being dealt with by her fiendish uncle Setu Veera Swamy. After a point, Lekha flees with Raghu and starts living cheerfully. This turns out poorly with Veera Swamy and he causes a privilege between the couple and isolates them. Following four years, Lekha is found in Mumbai and is spared by Raghu's sibling Guru. For what reason is Lekha in Mumbai? For what reason did Guru spare her? What is the entire association? That frames the remainder of the story.

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Furious Jigarwala
Tamil Movie Dubbed in Hindi
  • Dhanush
  • Megha Akash
 Hindi Dubbed version:
Hindi dubbed version releasing soon
Gautham Menon
Darbuka Shiva

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