Gaon Ka Rakhwala Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Kodiveeran Movie in Hindi

Gaon Ka Rakhwala (Kodiveeran) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Sashikumar | Release Date.

Gaon Ka Rakhwala Hindi Dubbed Movie
Gaon Ka Rakhwala Hindi Dubbed Movie | Release Date
Gaon Ka Rakhwala Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Release Date: Hindi dubbed release date of 2018 Tamil language super-hit movie Kodiveeran starring M. Sashikumar is now confirmed. Kodiveeran is an action-drama movie directed by M. Muthaiha and features M. Sashikumar and Mahima Nambiar in the main lead role. The movie has tasted success at the box office but has received a lot of negative reviews from critics.

The Hindi dubbed version of Kodiveeran is titled as 'Gaon Ka Rakhwala' and the Hindi dubbed version world television premiere is on 20th September at 8pm only on UTV Movies. We are not pretty sure but most probably the Hindi dubbing rights of the movie are with Pen Movies. So after the television premiere, you may get a YouTube release on Pen movies YouTube channel. Once the movie will have its YouTube premiere you can watch the full movie online for free on YouTube, also you can download the movie in YouTube offline mode.

Cast of Gaon Ka Rakhwala:

Kodiveeran is a story of a Hindu priest name 'Kodiveeran' who raises his child sister Parvathi in the wake of losing his mom to a lamentable suicide. Obviously, the kin will go to any degree for each other and as destiny would have it they mutually spare the RDO from being slaughtered by a gathering of badmen. There is additionally Villangam Vellaikaaran who gushes over his sister and regularly kills any individual who conflicts with her better half. There is a school going young lady who grabs the attention of the saint and she also has a sibling she adores which gives a turn in the screenplay. Kodi likewise happens to be a Saamyaadi who goes into a stupor regularly to anticipate the destiny of the townspeople and on one such event, he exclaims that his own sister's marriage will be one of extraordinary savagery in which she will lose something dear to her. Did his forecast work out and how every one of these characters crash in constrained showdowns structures rest of the blood trickling screenplay.

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Gaon Ka Rakhwala
Tamil Movie Dubbed in Hindi
  • M. Sashikumar
  • Mahima Nambiar
 Hindi Dubbed version:
Hindi dubbed version television premiere on UTV Movies
M. Muthaiha
N.R. Raghuranthan

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