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Dwaraka (Telugu) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Vijay Deverakonda | Release Date.

Dwaraka Hindi dubbed Movie
Dwaraka: Vijay Deverakonda (Hindi Dubbed)
Dwaraka Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Release Date: And now finally the wait is over for all the Vijay Deverakonda fans and for those who were waiting for the Hindi dubbed version of his movie Dwaraka. Dwaraka is a 2017 Telugu Comedy-Drama movie starring Vijay Deverakonda, Pooja Jhaveri, and Prakash Raj in the lead role. The movie was directed by Srinivas Ravindra and was a big flop at the box office with mixed to negative critics and audience reviews. However, the Hindi audience was very much excited about the dubbed version of the movie. And now finally the release date of the Hindi version of Dwaraka is confirmed.

Last year we had updated you in a post that the Hindi dubbing rights of Dwaraka were with Sri Balaji Films and also the Hindi dubbing and censor certification was completed at that time. At that time the film was titled as Arjun Ki Dwaraka Bhoomi. But now according to the latest updates, later the Hindi dubbing rights of the film were resold from Sri Balaji Films. And now Sony Max released a 30 seconds long promo of the film with a release/telecast date of 29th August At 8 pm. And the movie's title is kept the same as the original, that is Dwaraka.

So, the title of the Hindi version of the film is now Dwaraka and not Arjun Ki Dwaraka Bhoomi. Later, when Sri Balaji Films had dubbed the movie, the voiceover of Vijay Deverakonda was done by Rajesh Kava, but in the latest promo released by Sony Max, the voiceover is done by Damandeep Shing Baggan who previously dubbed for Vijay in the Hindi version of Dear Comrade.

Talking about the current banner of the Hindi version, so most probably (however I haven't confirmed it yet) the Hindi rights are with Goldmines Telefilms. And if it is so, you can also watch/download the full movie online on YouTube on the same night of the television premiere on the Goldmines Telefilms YouTube channel. If there is any change this page will get updated, stay tuned.

Cast Of Dwaraka:

  1. Vijay Deverakonda
  2. Pooja Jhaveri
  3. Prakash Raj
  4. Prudhviraj
  5. Prabhakar
  6. Murli Sharma

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Dwaraka is the narrative of Srinivas as a little league criminal who cons individuals alongside these two companions. At some point, while attempting to escape from a bombed theft endeavor, Vijay takes asylum in a high rise named Dwaraka. Prudhviraj, who plays a pujari, advantageously broadcasts Vijay to be Swami Krishnanand for his own advantage. 

A progression of fortunate fortuitous events brings about the Swami getting acclaimed for his critical thinking capacities. Seeing his popularity, Prudhvi alongside Prabhakar and others set up a trust in Swami's name to cheat the gifts. 

Neglectful of this, Vijay is making the most of his Swami symbol as it allows him to collaborate with Vasudha with whom he is pitifully infatuated with. In equal, we have Ramakrishna, a pragmatist, who has uncovered phony Godmen, and his most recent objective is Swami Krishnanand.

If you want to watch the original Telugu version, then you can watch it for free on YouTube with English Subtitles. Also, the Tamil version (Arjun Reddy) is available on Hotstar.

Reference Table:

Telugu Movie Dubbed in Hindi
  • Vijay Deverakonda
  • Pooja Jhaveri
 Hindi Dubbed version:
Release Date Confirmed
Srinivas Ravindra
Sai Kartik
Comedy Drama

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