Vikram's Saamy 2 Hindi dubbed movie - Latest updates

Saamy 2 Hindi dubbed version - Latest updates | Vikram & Keerthy Suresh.

Saamy 2 in Hindi Dubbed
Saamy 2 in Hindi Dubbed Updates
Actor Chiyaan Vikram is one of the most talented and versatile actor of Indian and Tamil cinema. His fan following in North India is massive. His work in movies like Aparichit, Saamy, I and Sketch was hugely appreciated and loved by north Indian fans. Almost all of his movie after 2008, is now dubbed in Hindi and movie of them are available on online streaming platforms. Now Hindi audience are waiting for the Hindi dubbed version of his latest Tamil movie Saamy 2 ( Saamy Square ). And now we are here with the updates of the Hindi dubbed version.

Saamy 2 Movie Information:-

Saamy 2 or Saamy square is squeal of 2003 Tamil blockbuster movie Saamy, staring Vikram and Trisha Krishna. Saamy 2 is written and directed my Singam Trilogy fame director Hari. Movie stars Chiyaan Vikram, Keerthy Suresh, Ashwariya Rajesh and Bobby Simha in lead role. Movie received a lots off negative review and criticism from critics and audiences and was a big disaster at box office.

 Cast of the movie:-

  1. Vikram
  2. Keerthy Suresh
  3. Ashwariya Rajesh
  4. Bobby Simha
  5. Prabhu
  6. Soori
  7. Delhi Ganesh
  8. Sumitra
  9. John Vijay and more


DCP Aarusaamy "Saamy", who had been exchanged out of Tirunelveli, has a cheerful existence with his now-pregnant spouse Bhuvana, who means to seek after IAS. In any case, the general population who were asking the end result for Perumal Pichai accept that he may be in Colombo, Sri Lanka with his second spouse and three children: Mahendra Pichai, Devendra Pichai, and Raavana Pichai. Raavana leaves for Tirunelveli and discovers that Saamy executed his dad. Saamy applies for an exchange to Tirunelveli to stop Raavana, which is endorsed. 

The story at that point movements to 28 years after the fact, where Ramsaamy "Slam" lives in New Delhi, filling in as a front office administrator for Union Minister G. Viswanathan. He expects to seek after IAS according to the desires of his grandparents, who have brought him up in a Brahmincal and peaceful way so he doesn't finish up as a cop like his dad. At some point, Ram meets Viswanathan's little girl Diya, who has come back from London in the wake of finishing her examinations. Afterward, when Raavana seizes Diya, Ram protects her, and she becomes hopelessly enamored with him. After some time, he responds her affection. 

Slam passes the UPSC test and leaves for Mussoorie for one-year preparing. After his arrival, his grandparents are stunned to see that he has chosen to seek after IPS and that he has been posted in Tirunelveli. At the point when Ram approaches the explanation behind their response, his granddad clarifies what happened 28 years prior. Whenever Saamy and Bhuvana were headed to Tirunelveli, they were hacked to death by the Pichai siblings. Prior to kicking the bucket, Saamy figures out how to open his dead spouse's uterus and rashly convey his kid (Ram). Bhuvana's folks take Ram and move to Delhi, while the remainder of their family is slaughtered by a truck mishap arranged by Raavana. 

Smash's grandparents acknowledge his choice, and he leaves for Tiruneveli and chooses to take on the Pichai siblings. He levels Perumal's statue, which had been unlawfully put at a crossing point by Raavana and caused a ton of traffic issues. A wait-and-see game starts among Ram and Raavana, with them two attempting to dispose of one another. Smash slaughters Devendra and Mahendra yet conceals the proof from everybody with the exception of Raavana. In revenge, Raavana and his associates organize a train mishap which murders Viswanathan. 

Slam discovers that Raavana is intending to go to Pakistan by means of Gujarat and Rajasthan, so he tracks him down. After a harsh battle, Ram stifles Raavana however chooses to abandon him to his destiny amidst the Thar Desert with no man, town, town, or water hotspot for a few several kilometers. There is a record of going to Sri Lanka however there is no record of returning to India. Slam misleads the media that Raavana had left to Sri Lanka because of dread of being slaughtered. Raavana bites the dust following 17 days. Before long, Ram and Diya get hitched. The motion picture closes with the line "Saamy's experience will proceed".

Saamy 2 Hindi dubbed version full information:-

Hindi dubbing satellite rights of Saamy 2 is grabbed by Zee cinema and Hindi dubbing of this movie is 100% completed and Hindi dub voice over for Vikram is done by voice over Aaditya raj, who has previously done voice over for Vikram for Hindi dubbed version of Iru Mugan. Movie will soon telecast on Zee cinema after censor certification.

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