Paap Ki Kamai Hindi dubbed Full movie | Dhanush, Samantha | Release date

Paap Ki Kamai Full movie Hindi dubbed | Release date | Star Gold | Dhanush.

Paap ki Kamai Full movie Hindi dubbed

Paap Ki Kamai Hindi dubbed Full movie | Dhanush, Samantha | Release date:- Paap ki Kamai is Hindi dubbed movie is Hindi version of 2015 Tamil Family Drama movie Thanga Magan, staring Dhanush, Amy Jackson and Samantha ruth prabhu aka Samantha Akkeneni in lead role. Movie was a blockbuster at box office and is one of the best movie of Dhanush's carrier. The movie was directed by Velraj and produced by G.N Anbu. Music was given by Anirudh Ravichandran.

Hindi version release date:-

Hindi dubbed version of Thanga Magan is titled as Paap Ki Kamai and Hindi version world television premier release date is 5th April, 2019 at 8 pm only on Star Gold.
Previously Hindi version satellite rights were with Zee cinema, which is now re sold to Star India ( Star Gold ). In Hindi version, voice over for Dhanush is done by Rajesh Kava - previously done voice over for Dhanush in many movies like Pa Pandi, Hindi version of Vengai ( Meri Taqat Mera Faisla ) and many other movies. The movie was also dubbed in Gujarati language along with Hindi version, which was also voice over by Rajesh Kava, now lets see when the Gujarati version will release. 

Cast of Paap Ki Kamai:-

  • Dhanush
  • Samantha Ruth Prabhu
  • Amy Jackson
  • K.S. Ravikumar
  • Raadhika 
  • Adhit Arun
  • Jaya Prakash
  • Sitha
  • Shan and others 


The film opens with Tamizh, his better half Yamuna, and mother moving into another home, which isn't entirely agreeable. Tamizh abandons them with his companion Kumaran in the wake of settling them in the new house looking for a vocation. Every one of the organizations are satisfied with his resume however are reluctant to give him work because of the events in his past activity. At long last, out of need, Tamizh turns into a laborer in a roadside biriyani shop. He gets back home for the night after he gets alcoholic. He portrays the purpose behind him getting to resemble this through a progression of flashbacks. 

Amid his school days, Tamizh, Kumaran, and Tamizh's cousin Aravind were indistinguishable companions. At some point, Tamizh's mom guides him to go to the sanctuary for a pooja. There he meets Hema, an engineering understudy, and promptly begins to look all starry eyed at her. He at that point chases after her, wins her heart, and they both begin to look all starry eyed at. For their first commemoration, Tamizh, Hema, Kumaran, and Hema's companion Revathi go to Darjeeling. Tamizh was doing this without the information of his dad Vijayraghavan who is a Tax Assistant in the Income Tax Department and Aravind, for which he feels regretful. He chooses he will disclose to them both reality once he returns to Chennai. Be that as it may, in Darjeeling, he is looked by Aravind, who tailed him to perceive what he was up to and make him feel remorseful. Aravind says he never needs to see Tamizh again and storms off. At that point they both go to the rooms and Hema gives Tamizh an arrangement for their future house. Tamizh sees there is no space for his folks in their new house. He gets some information about this, and she says they won't remain with them. This maddens Tamizh and they both battle, in the long run prompting their separation. 

They both proceed onward with their own lives. Tamizh joins a similar pay charge office as Vijayraghavan as a Tax Assistant, and Hema gets hitched to Aravind. Tamizh likewise acknowledges to get hitched and weds Yamuna. He is profoundly infatuated with her and overlooks Hema, abandoning her to be Aravind's better half. At some point, Vijayraghavan returns home tense and yells at his significant other. The following morning, when Yamuna opens the restroom entryway, it is discovered that Vijayraghavan has hung himself. Everyone says he stole a record from his office and considers him a criminal. Tamizh is likewise suspended without pay and is approached to clear their home by the proprietor. In the first place, they go to Yamuna's place. In any case, Yamuna's folks treat Tamizh inadequately, so they go to another home. In the present, Tamizh attempts to assemble data in regards to Vijayraghavan futile. Finally, a dear companion of Vijayraghavan sees Tamizh and says Vijayraghavan once referenced a sack of cash. So Tamizh goes to see his manager Assistant Commissioner Prakash Kumar, who reveals to him he gave Vijayraghavan 5 crore rupees to protect as there was a strike in his home and that when requested to return it he said he overlooked where he kept them. Prakash supposes he stole the cash, takes a critical document, and compromises Vijayraghavan to restore the cash to get the record. Tamizh recalls Vijayraghavan once contending with Aravind, so he goes to see him about the cash. Aravind denies any such thing. Afterward, Hema stands up to Aravind about the cash and in an alcoholic state, he discloses to her he took the cash for his business and was going to return it once he was settled, however Vijayraghavan had ended it all before that. Hema meets Yamuna in the sanctuary and discloses to her reality behind the cash. Tamizh visits Aravind's home when he is out and looks through his home, where he discovers understanding papers for a specific developer. Kumaran goes to the manufacturer as one of Aravind's men, and gathers insights regarding the spot, date, and time of the arrangement conclusion, and keenly persuades the vendor to change the season of meeting to 9:00 rather than 7:00. At 7:00, Aravind goes to the spot of making the arrangement and experiences Tamizh there. After a concise squabble, Tamizh takes the cash with him. 

That night a few people go to Tamizh's home to take the cash, yet Tamizh wards them off. The following day, Tamizh gets educated by a mysterious guest around a salary charge attack at his home. Tamizh gives the cash to Kumaran to defend it, who is then blocked by Aravind to reclaims the cash. Tamizh discovers from the call rundown of Aravind about a number regularly called by Aravind. He finds the location of the proprietor and finds that he has the other 4 crores to transform it into white. Tamizh thumps him and takes the cash back. Aravind gets some answers concerning this and attempts to defend the rest, in the long run losing his psychological parity all the while. Tamizh visits Aravind and reminds him how cheerful they were when before the cash got included. Aravind understands his error lastly gives the cash back to Tamizh, requesting his pardoning. Tamizh goes to Prakash and says he got the cash and will offer it to him to recover his activity and the record. In any case, Prakash uncovers that he sold the record for 50 crores and that Tamizh should take the 5 crores and close this issue. Be that as it may, Tamizh doesn't need it and instructs him to acknowledge his error. Prakash sends a few goons to complete Tamizh off while the last takes Yamuna to the clinic as she got work torments, yet he battles back. He later calls Prakash and instructs him to see the news where his collaborator (M. S. Bhaskar) is uncovering his degenerate exercises. Tamizh then discloses to him that he gave his collaborator the 5 crores to admit. Prakash is captured, and Yamuna brings forth an infant kid. The film closes with an upbeat Tamizh leaving for an occupation.

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