Maayavan Hindi dubbed full movie | Why not released ?

Maayavan Hindi dubbed movie. Sundeep kisan - Why not released ?

Maayavan Hindi dubbed movie'
Tamil movie Maayavan Hindi dubbed version, why not released ?
Maayavan Hindi dubbed version not released on 30th March, here are some possible reasons.

Maayavan Hindi dubbed movie, is Hindi dubbed version of Tamil Sci-fiction movie Maayavan. Movie features Sundeep Kishan, Jackie Shroof, Lavanya Tripathi, Daneil Balaji, Mime Gopi and Jayaprakash in lead role. Maayavan is one of the best science fiction movie ever made in Tamil cinema.

Hindi dubbed version of this movie was scheduled to get a YouTube release on WAMIndiamovies YouTube channel on 30th March, 2019 at 10 pm. But people kept on waiting but WAMIndiamovies didn't released Maayavan. After few minutes around 10:30 pm WAMIndiamovies Updated their channel art ( Channel Banner ) with a 'coming soon' poster of Maayavan. That means that, now their is no new release date for this movie. After these fans got angry and started abusing WAMIndiamovies in their comment box. And here we have some possible reasons, ' Why they didn't released Maayavan on 30th March '
  1. Their may be some technical reasons such as copyright issues, or anything else.
  2. They may be planning for a Television premier of Maayavan Hindi dub version, so they they don't want to release it now on YouTube.
  3. They might be uncomfortable, with that date and so they want to postpone it for few weeks.
But, what is the main reason of not releasing the movie is known only by them. Right now their is no new release date, and you may have to wait for around 2 weeks to watch this movie.

More about Maayavan:-

Maayavan is a Tamil sci-fic action thriller movie released in 2017, written-directed-produced by C.V. Kumar. The movie was also dubbed in Telugu as Project Z. Tamil version of this movie a available on Amazon Prime videos. The movie had received a great response from critics and has a IMDb rating of of 7.3 out of 10.


  1. Sundeep Kisan
  2. Jackie Shroof
  3. Lavanya Tripathi
  4. Daniel Balaji
  5. Mime Gopi
  6. R. Ambrandra
  7. Jeeva Raji
  8. K.S. Ravikumar and more

Story of Maayavan:-

The film begins with the passing of a famous nervous system specialist named Pramodh. His rec center coach Dheena is seen paying regards at the memorial service before leaving. The plot at that point movements to a youthful wrongdoing controller named Kumaran, who is pursuing a frivolous cheat and witnesses Dheena killing his better half. Kumaran pursues Dheena, who corners him and ends him with a hit to his head. In a resulting tussle, Kumaran figures out how to murder Dheena.

A gathering with specialist Aadhirai finishes on a harsh note when she regards him medicinally unfit to rejoin the police compel. Afterward, when he faces indications which ascribe to PTSD, he repairs his ways with Aadhirai, who encourages him conquer his issue. A second homicide occurs in which a renowned performer is killed. Kumaran visits the spot and gets focused and stunned after finding the comparable blood stains from the prior homicide and a similar brand of cigarette smoked by the killer. Aadhirai discovers him, treats him for his PTSD, and makes him typical. Kumaran meets with Rudhran (Daniel Balaji) and acquaints Aadhirai with him as a powerful orator. Kumaran, presently fitter, sets out his examination and finds that a cosmetics man named Gopi more likely than not done the homicide as he is the prime suspect. Upon examination, he becomes more acquainted with that Gopi and Dheena demonstrated a very surprising conduct a couple of days before they submitted the homicides. Kumaran finds Gopi, yet he bounces to his demise before admitting anything.

The following homicide occurs, and the injured individual is another researcher named Narayanan. Kumaran endeavors to discover confirms in Narayanan's home and finds a book composed by Rudhran. Believing that Rudhran may know the researcher, Kumaran visits his office and finds that his conduct has changed. His very own canine begins to bark at him, and he has additionally begun to smoke as of late, that too a similar brand that was found in the before homicides. Kumaran finds that some odd thing is going on, and Rudhran could either be killed or become the following killer. He seizes Rudhran when he demonstrates his increasingly savage and inhumane side when he executes his canine. Kumaran arrests Rudhran. While marking on the FIR, Rudhran signs an alternate name however amends it to his own sign. Kumaran sees this and discovers that the primary sign was marked "Pramodh".

A concise examination uncovers that Pramodh is a late partner of Narayanan. They cooperated at the Indian Institute of Neurosciences. A senior authority named Velayudham uncovers that Pramodh was associated with a task called Project Maayavan, which could empower an individual to store their recollections into a hard drive, which can be exchanged to another person by infusing a gel which would house a huge number of nano-transmitters. At the point when infused into the cerebrum, these transmitters will connect onto the neurons. At the point when the individual bites the dust, their recollections could be transmitted to another person whose cerebrum would as of now have been infused with the gel. The recollections of the new individual will initially be deleted, and the old individual's recollections will be exchanged by means of the nano-transmitters. Along these lines the individual (their recollections) won't pass on and will rather live until the end of time.

To demonstrate his hypothesis, Pramodh works day and night. Amid this test, he sends a patient into a trance like state yet isn't worried about human life and rather needs to prevail in his main goal. After Narayanan turns into the Director of the Indian Institute of Neurosciences, he stops Pramodh's venture. Pramodh utilizes himself as the subject, moves his recollections in a hard drive, and ends it all. When he kicks the bucket, his recollections get exchanged to his mentor, and after that to Gopi and afterward Rudhran. Kumaran fathoms this and finds that the following target is Army general Major Sathyan (Jackie Shroff). Pramodh, who is living in Rudhran's body, ends it all and touches base into Sathyan's cerebrum. Sathyan welcomes Kumaran and says that his innovation will give him a chance to live for over 1000 years, and nobody can stop him. With a sign from Pramodh's significant other, Kumaran discovers his mystery lab where Pramodh has his recollections put away. Pramodh effectively recovers the hard drive containing his recollections, which incorporates coercing and later murdering Kumaran's companion Karna (Bagavathi Perumal). He at that point seizes Velayudham and goes to the organization lab to give him a chance to change to another body. Kumaran tracks him down, and a gunfight follows. At long last, Kumaran understands that Aadhirai is the following subject. In the event that Sathyan bites the dust, at that point Pramodh's recollections will exchange to Aadhirai's body, leaving Kumaran with a troublesome decision.
after 20 years, Kumaran is cheerfully hitched to Aadhirai, and they have a child. It is demonstrated that Kumaran has caught Sathyan in his storm cellar and has kept him alive.


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