Best Thriller Movies - Top 20

Best Thriller Movies - List by crazy 4 movie.

Best Thriller movies - List by crazy 4 movie
List of Best thriller movie - from south Indian movie industries
Best Thriller Movies :- 'Thriller' and 'Suspense' this two are one of the favourite genre of movie lovers. If you will ask any movie lover, "What type of movies you like to watch ?". Almost all of them would answer, Thriller, Suspense or mixed genre of Suspense Thriller. So here we have very good, actually a great list of Best thriller movies. As our blog deals only with south Indian movies, we will discuss about south Indian best thriller movie, you can't miss. This movie will thrill you like anything. 

NOTE:- This is just a random list of our top 20 best thriller movies, movies are not arranged from first to last all of them are equally awesome.

20. Rangi Taranga:-

Rangi Taranga Best thriller movie - 20

Rangi Taranga is one of the best mystery thriller movie of Kannada Cinema. The Hindi dubbed version of the movie is recently released on YouTube on Goldmines Telefilms. Rangi Taranga has received 3.1 million views within a week of release on YouTube. The movie was written and directed by Anup Bhandari.

Rangi Taranga was released in 2015. IMDb rating of Rangi Taranga is 8.5 out of 10. The movie had received a great positive talks from critics. Rangi Taranga won many awards including IIFA Utsavam award for best picture, best director and Filmfare award for best picture and best director.


  1. Nirup Bhandari
  2. Radhika Chetan
  3. Avantika Sheety
  4. Sai Kumar
  5. Anup Bhandari
  6. Chetan Raj and more

Our Rating:- 4.2/5*


Gautam, a writer has a hermitic existence in Ooty. Gautam's most recent novel is titled RangiTaranga, a word which may hold the way to his past. Indu, Gautam's wife,is a delicate natured young lady. She paints the spread pages of the majority of Gautam's books. Sandhya, a self-broadcasted columnist, is looking for an unknown essayist who passes by the pseudonym "ANASHKU". She gets some answers concerning the author from a distributer and sets on an adventure to discover him. 

Pregnant Indu winds up in a bad position when she monotonously gets bad dreams of a mishap. She at that point persuades Gautam to visit her genealogical home in the town of Kamarottu so as to play out certain customs to take care of her issues. Upon their landing in Kamarottu, Gautam becomes a close acquaintence with the post ace, Kalinga, and the old school dean, Shankar. Amid their stay in the town, Indu encounters unusual events in the house including an episode where Indu is nearly maneuvered into a well while she is bringing a can of water. This incites Gautam to explore and he gains from Kalinga that the well contains a demon and furthermore that the Kamarottu home was spooky by an apparition. Gautam's examination additionally irritates the influential men in the town and on one event, one of the partners in crime of a ground-breaking lawmaker assaults Goutham abandoning him harmed. In the interim, Sandhya's trail drives her to Kamarottu. Indu disappears one night and later police announce that she was in fact murdered 6 years prior in a mishap. Befuddled Gowtham begins hunting down her and finds an unlawful sand mafia driven by the degenerate government official Mahabala Hegde alongside the nearby police which drives him to infer that their assault on him was just to conceal their illicit movement. 

Sandhya meets Gautham amid the examination of his significant other's vanishing and encourages him in finding a journal titled "Harini" . Through this journal, Gautham finds that the lady who he accepted to be his significant other Indu, was really Harini, a yoga educator from Bangalore, and that he himself isn't Gautham. Indu and her better half Gautham were as a general rule Harini's companions. Harini, in a hasty activity energized by dread, murdered a man who got oppressive and undermining after she spurned his physical advances. Shocked by the acknowledgment that she has executed and scared by the possibility of lawful repercussions, she trusts in Indu and Gautham, who choose to take her to Kamarottu and make an explanation for Harini. A flashback uncovers to the watcher that Gautham was really Siddarth, a yearning essayist/artist who was infatuated with Sandhya. Disclosing to her that he'll be back soon, Siddarth leaves for a bicycle trip with his school buddies. Under a thick cover of haze, Siddharth and his companion on a motorbike crash into the vehicle conveying Indu, Gautham and Harini, close to the Kamarottu intersection. The mishap leaves Harini, and Siddharth, who's lost his memory, as the sole overcomers of the mishap. Harini, hesitant to return to her past life expect the character of her dead companion Indu, and educates experts, and Siddharth, that he is her better half Gautham. Siddharth, with nothing else to go on, acknowledges this as reality. 

Siddarth and Sandhya invade the police headquarters and inquiry the records where they become more acquainted with about a missing people situation where a woman disappears around the same time (7 July) consistently . When they check with their families they become more acquainted with that the missing woman is pregnant like Harini and that the guddada bhoota is in charge of the kidnappings. In the wake of getting information from the dean and the neighborhood specialist they infer that Kalinga is the guddada bhoota and is in charge of the kidnappings. Kalinga's significant other had an extramarital association with the nearby specialist and when she gets captured she doesn't uncover specialist's personality and Kalinga conceives that Angara a rationally sick person from the town as the other person and slaughters him. He torments his better half for eleven days in a surrendered house and later kills her. After this episode he is rationally tormented and does the killing each year around the same time. Siddarth can follow Kalinga and he spares Harini in the wake of overwhelming Kalinga. Later Harini conceives an offspring and Sandhya wishes him karma and discloses to him that he's presumably happier not attempting to rake up his past. She leaves without uncovering her association with Siddharth, or his actual character, nursing a broken heart.

Watch Rangi Taranga:-

Rangi Taranga is available in Hindi dubbed version on Goldmines Telefilm YouTube Channel. Click here to watch  online.

19. Naan Singappu Manithan:-

Naan Singappu Manithan Best thriller movie - 19

Naan Singappu Manithan is Tamil action thriller movie, staring Vishal and Lakshmi Menon in main lead role. Movie was directed by Thiru. The reason why this movie made a place in this is, the uniqueness of the concept of the movie. In year 2014, bringing such a unique concept, Hats off to the makers. We will further discuss about the story.

Naan Singappu Manithan is also dubbed in Hindi as Pyaar Reloded, movie was dubbed by Zee entertainment. The Hindi dubbed version of movie is available on Zee5. The Hindi dubbed version was greatly appreciated by North Indian audience. IMDb rating of the movie is 6.6 out of 10. 


  1. Vishal
  2. Lakshmi Menon
  3. Iniya
  4. Jagan
  5. Jayaprakash
  6. Sundar
  7. Saranya

Our ratings:- 4.1/5*


Amidst the night, Indhiran, joined by his two companions Sathish and Karuna, buys a firearm wrongfully from a neighborhood criminal. Back home, Indhiran gazes at his list of things to get and reviews his past. 

Since youth, Indhiran has been experiencing narcolepsy, an uncommon issue, which makes him nod off at whatever point his feelings achieve an extraordinary and impedes him from carrying on with a normal life. He should be went with constantly. Organizations falter to employ him, in spite of the fact that he has exceeded expectations in scholastics, and he can't impregnate ladies since he would nod off amid sex. Be that as it may, he can in any case hear whatever is being said when he is resting. 

Indhiran makes a rundown with 10 objectives that he needs to accomplish alone. At some point, he adventures out alone, which was one of his objectives. When he is nearly hit by a vehicle while crossing the street, his dread mounts, and he nods off amidst the street. A bystander makes him present as a stranded body and accumulates cash from spectators for his entombment. Meera, who cruises by, takes pity and shells out very nearly five grands. She later meets Indhiran in a shopping center and falls oblivious after observing him alive. In the wake of clearing up the misconception, they begin dating and fall for one another. Meera makes one Indhiran had always wanted worked out, yet her dad restricts their marriage as Indhiran can't bring forth a youngster. Meera inclinations Indhiran to discover a way how he could remain wakeful. It day breaks on Indhiran that he had never nodded off while scrubbing down. Trusting that her dad will acknowledge Indhiran just when his intensity is demonstrated, Meera and Indhiran engage in sexual relations submerged in their pool, bringing about Meera getting to be pregnant. 

On a late-night drive, Meera and Indhiran end up in an under-development connect. Their vehicle is hit by another, and the stun makes Indhiran rest. Meera is ruthlessly assaulted by four hooligans. Indhiran can hear the whole occurrence however stays snoozing. Meera falls into a state of unconsciousness, and her child has been prematurely ended. A sorrowful Indhiran pledges to get vengeance on the culprits. 

The account moves back to the present. Choosing to venge independent from anyone else, Indhiran neglects to vouch for the police. Indhiran comes to realize that the sound of the abrupt obstructions make him rest. To keep this, he purchases a versatile sound player and utilizations it with full volume. Asking Meera's companions, Indhiran first suspects Karthik, a rich yet impolite person whose engagement proposition was dismissed by Meera. Indhiran stands up to him, however he pretends numbness about the occurrence. 

Indhiran recalls that it was four individuals, with one of them named Sekhar, and Sekhar's ringtone, while the police discovers that the guilty parties rode a red vehicle. Indhiran discovers a red vehicle in a petroleum bunk and asks the driver, who guarantees that the vehicle was with a technician named Sekhar on the day the wrongdoing occurred. At the workshop, he detects the repairman who endeavors to steal away, perceiving Indhiran, and a pursuit follows, driving them to a structure under development. Educated by Sathish, Karuna touches base there and executes Sekhar. He at that point cuts himself and is conceded for treatment. Karuna then recalls. 

Hitched to Karuna for a long time, Kavitha was disappointed with her lush spouse; she starts an issue with Aravind, a rich companion of Karuna. He spends a great deal of cash on getting her costly blessings. Indhiran gains learning of this and prompts Kavitha against it. Things being what they are, Karuna, to understand his aspirations of maintaining a business in US, had been utilizing his significant other to control Aravind. Refering to Indhiran's encounter, Kavitha feigned to Aravind that if Karuna becomes acquainted with about the undertaking, he would murder them both. She recommended that the best way to tackle it for the last time is to mastermind the measure of ₹ 20 million that Karuna needs to settle in the states. With him out of the picture, they could appreciate being as one. Aravind consented to back Karuna out of his desire for her. 

Afterward, when Karuna and Kavitha are praising their prosperity, Indhiran drops by out of the blue. They mess up; Indhiran suspects them and advises Aravind, who stands up to the couple. At the point when Aravind understands that he had been swindled, he hits Kavitha in an attack of wrath, and she kicks the bucket. Incensed, Karuna counters and murders Aravind. Karuna orchestrates arranging them with the assistance of the hooligans and deceives Indhiran that Kavitha has run off with Aravind. Since he accepted that Indhiran was in charge of Kavitha's demise, Karuna had wanted to render retribution by influencing him to endure a similar way and mentioned the hooligans to assault Meera. 

The rest of the hooligans demand Karuna to convey Indhiran to a similar spot where Sekhar was slaughtered. Discovering that it was Karuna who had slaughtered Sekhar, they beat him up. The hooligans at that point expel the sound player from Indhiran, who gets an adrenaline surge and rests off. While the hooligans are ambushing him, one of them breaks a water siphon, which sprinkles water all finished and stirs Indhiran. He slaughters them all, lastly, Karuna as well. Indhiran tells that he had seen Karuna murdering Sekhar yet had accompanied him just to find different hooligans. 

With every one of his desires satisfied, Indhiran has another desire that he would make Meera recoup soon. The last scene demonstrates Indhiran embracing Meera who is mournful hearing him, which demonstrates that she is certainly recouping.

Watch Naan Singappu Manithan:-

Naan Singappu Manithan's Hindi dubbed version is official available on Zee5 app. Click Here to watch movie online.

18. Bachchan:-

Bachchan Best thriller movie - 18

Bachchan is a Kannada Psychological-thriller movie released in 2013. Bachchan stars Kannada superstar Kicchaa Sudeep in lead role. Movie was directed by Sashakh and was produced by Uday Mehata. Movie was also dubbed into Hindi with the same title by Rkd digital.

The only reason movie made a place in this list is, back to back twist and turns in the story. Great director, Mind blowing acting and catching screen play, deadly combination of all this made this movie a complete thrilling and entertaining movie, that too from sandalwood cinema. IMDb rating of Bachchan is 6.6 out of 10.


  1. Sudeep
  2. Jagathpathi Babu
  3. Nasser
  4. Parul Yadav
  5. Bhavana
  6. Tulip Joshi and more

Our Rating:- 3.9/5*


The film begins with Bharat nom de plume Bachchan executing somebody and getting captured. He tells that he killed on the grounds that they made his life partner Anjali compelled to suicide on their commitment day feeling that he adores Monica. After numerous endeavors they see Anjali alive and she tells that he is a psychological patient and in his mind she is dead. Before long they discover that she is lying. What's more, she uncovers reality. He was enamored with Ashwini, who is doing MS in Bellary and needs to convey legitimate support of the destitute. Be that as it may, her desire turns into a deterrent for a mining mafia wear Minister Madhusudhan, who's mining exercises are making hurt the basic open living in the regions where the exercises are occurring. Ashwini makes a move to battle against the degenerate clergyman and finds that the vast majority who she accepted were her ally are really the priest's men. They fiercely execute her. Bharat renders retribution for the bad behaviors of these men at last by slaughtering every one of them and the court vindicates him feeling that he is mental insecure.

That's it... that's it rest you just watch and experience the thrill.

Watch Bachchan movie:-

Bachchan is available in Hindi dubbed version on Rkd Digital YouTube channel. Click Here to watch on YouTube.

17. Paayum Puli:-

Paayam Puli is Action Thriller Tamil language movie, featuring Vishal and Kajal Aggarwal in lead role. Movie was directed by Susheethran and produced by Vendhar movie. The movie was also dubbed later into Hindi by Goldmines Telefilms as Main Hoon Rakshak. The movie was a blockbuster at box office.

The great thrilling suspense at the climax of the movie is the main factor which compelled me to add this movie in top 20. IMDb rating of Paayam Puli is 6 out of 10. The movie is completely Vishal's show and climax will make you cry.


  1. Vishal
  2. Kajal Aggarwal
  3. Soori
  4. Murali Sharma
  5. Jayapraksah
  6. Aandaraj and more

Our Rating:- 4.1/5*


The story is set in the background of Madurai, where a group abducts top specialists in the city and requests Rs. 2 crores for their discharge. In the case of neglecting to do, it will result in their demise. The dead bodies are put underneath a scaffold. Bhavani and Lal are the fundamental guilty parties behind the captures. Albert, a police controller who splits the case, gets murdered by Bhavani. 

Jayaseelan IPS is the new ACP who gets deputed in the place where he grew up Madurai. Murugesan is the head constable and a dear companion of Jayaseelan. Jayaseelan needs to have a gathering with Bhavani and his posse to finish his bonus so he will never meddle in their unlawful exercises. It is uncovered that Jayaseelan is the ACP in Special Branchand is in a covert task to dispose of Bhavani and his group. Jayaseelan lives with his folks and senior sibling Selvaraj. Then, Jayaseelan meets Sowmya and goes gaga for her. Jayaseelan experiences two of Bhavani's men. Bhavani is terrified realizing that somebody has set an eye on him and he will be the following target. Jayaseelan slaughters Bhavani. Just before kicking the bucket, Bhavani challenges Jayaseelan that the majority of the capturing episodes will proceed after his demise, which leaves Jayaseelan bewildered. Selvam is really the driving force behind all the grabbing occurrences. He is the dear companion of Lal. Both are associated with arranging the captures, while Bhavani is included to execute the arrangement. 

A little flashback is appeared about Jayaseelan and Selvam's family. Jayaseelan and Selvam's granddad Ramasamy is an opportunity warrior and is generally regarded by the neighborhood individuals. He likewise filled in as a clergyman and is known for his validity and faithfulness. His child, who is Jayaseelan and Selvam's dad, isn't keen on legislative issues. In the interim, Singarasu, a lawmaker, chooses to bet on Ramasamy's political help for his triumph. Singarasu persuades Selvam to help his gathering, and Selvam concurs. Singarasu wins the decision and turns into a MLA. Selvam is energized by a couple of gathering men to challenge for a MLA situate amid the following decision. Singarasu needs to vanquish Selvam to demonstrate his capacity. Selvam loses the decision. This made him angry, and he chooses to gain cash and use it for race purposes. He makes Lal win Singarasu's certainty and gather all the data about his illicit business exercises. 

Returning to the present, Selvam realizes that Jayaseelan is dealing with the abduct case. Sowmya's dad Lakshmi Narayanan is captured by Selvam and his men. Narayanan hands the cash to Selvam. The following day, a gathering is organized among Jayaseelan and Sowmya's relatives to talk about their engagement proposition. Around then, Narayanan watches Selvam's characteristics and questions that he could be the person who grabbed him. Selvam comprehends that Narayanan has an uncertainty on him and slaughters him. Jayaseelan details an arrangement to discover the offender. He chooses to tap the cell phones of all the main agents in Madurai with the goal that he can become more acquainted with if the criminal calls any of them requesting cash. An uncommon group is set up to discover who are associated with telephone tapping. An agent gets a call requesting cash, and Jayaseelan chooses to pursue the individual. While the representative is going to hand over the cash to Selvam and Lal, Jayaseelan meddles. Selvam and Lal escape and are pursued by Jayaseelan. Jayaseelan captures Lal. Selvam shoots himself in his grasp, organizes a scene that somebody has shot him, and flees. Jayaseelan concedes Selvam in the medical clinic. 

In the interim, Lal is murdered by a contract killer utilized by Selvam. Jayaseelan and Selvam's dad catch a discussion of Selvam and discovered that he is the brains behind the majority of the grabbing occurrences. Selvam chooses to execute his dad. Meanwhile, Jayaseelan conducts a mystery examination against Selvam and discovers reality. He has enough proof that Selvam shot himself. Jayaseelan goes to Selvam's safehouse and finds a mystery room behind where their dad is attached to a seat. Jayaseelan spares his dad. Selvam is stunned to realize that the majority of his illicit exercises are presented to his relatives. He demands them not to make any move as he will end up being the following pastor. He races to execute Jayaseelan and his dad. Jayaseelan before long executes Selvam. He later experiences Selvam's hired gunmen, who are organized and associated with the majority of the violations with him as the offenders behind the kidnappings and shuts the case.

Watch Paayum Puli movie:-

Paayam puli's Hindi dubbed version is available officially on YouTube channel of Goldmines Telefilms. Click here to Watch.

16. Sarabham:-

Sarabham Best thriller movie - 16

Sarabham is Neo noir mystery thriller Tamil movie released in 2014, featuring Naveen Chandra in lead role. Movie was directed and written by Arun Mohan. By the Sarabham is partially inspired from a Japanese movie ' Game ', which was also remade in Bollywood as Woodstock villa in 2008.

Beautiful direction, tight screenplay and Neeven Chandra's Natural acting all these things make Sarabham a good crime thriller movie. IMDb rating of Sarabham is 7.1 out of 10. Sarabham was later dubbed into Hindi with same title by Shri Mishri movies.


  1. Naveen Chandra
  2. Salony Luthra
  3. Naresh
  4. Boys Rajan
  5. Thlik
  6. Sam Anton

Our ratings:- 3.9/5*


Vikram is a youthful task director at a design firm in Chennai. In spite of the fact that he drives a genuine life, he keeps up that it is right to accomplish something unlawful for cash as long as you don't get captured. At some point, he goes to his company's greatest customer, Chandrasekar to display an eager amusement park venture plan that he had been getting ready for a considerable length of time. It is then when Vikram and his associate see Chandrasekar's defiant girl enter the workplace to interest for cash, humiliating him before everybody. Having lost his state of mind, Chandrasekar icily rejects Vikram's arrangement. Vikram gets alcoholic and after that goes to Chandrasekar's shoreline house to vandalize it. Rather, he sees Chandrasekar's girl fleeing. Vikram pursues her to a close-by lodging and defies her about her dad's conduct. She presents herself as Shruti and uncovers that she detests her dad the same amount of as Vikram does in light of the fact that he is a materialistic corporate man. Shruti pursues Vikram home, where she suggests that he profess to kidnap her so as to blackmail emancipate cash from Chandrasekar. Vikram at first won't. In any case, he gains from his unrivaled at work the following day that Chandrasekar had a difference in heart and has affirmed his amusement park plan in condition that the firm has a progressively experienced undertaking chief head the task. Vikram turns out to be always irate when his most despised foe at the firm is picked to lead the undertaking lastly consents to Shruti's arrangement. Together, Vikram and Shruti effectively blackmail all the dark cash that Chandrasekar has been concealing far from the salary charge division. He at that point sends Shruti back home securely while promising to keep a lot of the cash for her while she readies her international ID and visa to flee to Australia. 

The following day, Vikram gains from the news that a young lady's dead body looking like Chandrasekar's little girl has been discovered cleaned up at the shoreline. As Vikram frenzies, Chandrasekar and Shruti stroll into his loft. Chandrasekar then uncovers that the defiant little girl Vikram saw recently at his office was really Shruti's twin, Sanjana. Shruti unintentionally slaughtered Sanjana while endeavoring to prevent the last from taking her medications. That was the point at which she fled from home and wound up with Vikram. Her dad at that point rings her and powers her to enable him to outline Vikram. This was the reason Chandrasekar endorsed Vikram's arrangement unexpectedly and afterward had another venture administrator procured to additionally incite him to have vengeance. Chandrasekar then reclaims his payoff cash as a byproduct of not having Vikram captured by the police for Sanjana's supposed hijacking and murder. 

Irate that he has been played, Vikram chooses to truly grab Shruti for the cash. He sees her going out and removes her compellingly. He has Chandrasekar get his cash to a distribution center trade for Shruti. At the distribution center, Chandrasekar brings a pack along for security and Vikram needs to ward them off. Be that as it may, it is uncovered that Shruti is really Sanjana from the beginning, and it was Shruti who was slaughtered amid their battle. Realizing that their dad would not bolster her, she claimed to be Shruti from the start and had the genuine Shruti's body resemble her. Seeing that her dad never adored her and was rather glad she had passed on, she murders him without a second thought and parts the payoff cash with Vikram. Sanjana then keeps claiming to be Shruti and discloses to the police that it was her very own dad who captured and executed his medication someone who is addicted girl with the assistance of the group to spare his notoriety. The pack at that point seeks total isolation for a wrongdoing they didn't submit. In the interim, Sanjana assumes control over Chandrasekar's organization and contracts Vikram as her amusement parks' undertaking head.

Watch Sarabham movie online:-

Sarabham is available online on YouTube channel 'Mishri Hindi HD Movies'. Click Here to watch on YouTube.

15. Nibunan:-

Nibunan Best thriller movie - 15

Nibunan is Tamil language, action crime thriller movie directed by Arun Vidhyanathan and was released in year 2017. Nibunan was released together in Tamil and Kannada a language and had received good positive reviews from critics. Movie features Action King Arjun Sarja, Prasanna and Varalaxmi Sharadkumar in lead role. Movie was 150th movie for Arjun Sarja.

Nibunan was also dubbed in Hindi as Intelligent by Goldmines Telefilm. The full complete movie will not allow you turn off your eyes. Screenplay is mind blowing with great twist and turns. IMDb rating of Nibunan is 6.7 out of 10.


  1. Arjun sarja
  2. Prasanna
  3. Vara Laxmi Sharath kumar
  4. Vaibhav
  5. Shruti Hariharan
  6. Suman
  7. Suchchini and more

Our ratings:- 3.8/5*


Ranjith Kalidoss is a Deputy Superintendent of DSP in CB-CID, who alongside his accomplices Inspector Joseph (Prasanna) and Inspector Vandana takes on prominent cases and shutting them effectively. Counter to his high power work, Ranjith has a quiet family existence with a spouse Shilpa , little girl, more youthful sibling Sandeep, and their family hound Rocky. 

Ranjith's supervisor allocates his group an undertaking to seek after a gathering of five hoodlums, who keep on dodging equity with their impact and power. Ranjith proposes a more straightforward way to deal with taking them out, yet his supervisor decays to oblige it. 

Before they could seek after the present task, they get hauled into another riddle. A bundle lands at the police headquarters one day that contains a little steed doll holding tight a noose. The figure has four gaps however generally no different intimations. Not having a favorable opinion of it, the group chooses to overlook. A couple of days after the fact, a neighborhood socialist pioneer disappears. He is later found in distribution center dangling from the roof, tormented, shot, and his face shrouded in a creature cover, particularly like the doll they got. 

The executioner keeps on provoking the group, sending them pieces of information as he slaughters more individuals, which incorporates a legal advisor and a specialist. Ranjith tails one of the pieces of information and finds the executioner, however before he could bring him down, the tremors that he has been encountering of late moderate him down. The executioner thumps out Ranjith and escapes. At the point when his group arrives, they illuminate him about a dead body in one of the structures, however he definitely knows and depicts what he would discover without seeing it. 

Back at the workplace, Ranjith figures out how to sort things out and associates the sequential killings to a case he researched couple of years sooner. Emmanuel and his significant other are a rich couple around the local area who lived with their 16-year-old little girl and a guardian. The couple were exceptionally fruitful businessmen however possessed almost no energy for their little girl. The guardian dealt with their girl. At some point, the couple got back home to discover their little girl killed and the guardian missing. The house had been stripped. The police close the case finishing up it was a thievery turned sour, and the guardian is on the run. 

A nearby socialist pioneer pushes to revive the case, which lands with Ranjith. He rapidly concentrates on Emmanuel. He sees another golf club in his sack and his examination prompts the missing golf club with the overseer's blood on it. He questions Emmanuel and his significant other with the proof, and they admit reality. They got back home one day to discover the overseer having intercourse with their little girl. Emmanuel, in indignation hits him with the club and murders him. At the point when their girl takes steps to call the police, her mother endeavors to stop her. In the fight, she inadvertently falls on a sharp item and bites the dust. Not ready to squirm out and driven by blame, Emmanuel and his better half hang themselves. The specialist is associated with the post-mortem of the little girl and the attorney is set to contend the case at the court and is available with Ranjith amid the cross examination and admission. 

Ranjith closes the three individuals that are slaughtered were altogether engaged with the case, and he himself is the last target. The executioner is somebody looking for retribution for the passings of the couple and is presumably associated with the family. His supervisor assumes control over the case and advises Ranjith to get therapeutic help for his condition. His group proceeds the examine searching for an association between Ranjith's case and the killings. There were no other relatives that could be the killer. Emmanuel has a nephew named Christopher, however he lives in the US. They are searching for somebody with pharmaceutical learning, as the executioner made his own image of anesthesia to thump out his exploited people. 

Ranjith gets admitted to the emergency clinic, where as he keeps on attempting and break the pieces of information, he infers that it must be Christopher, as he has the thought process, implies and the skill. Subsequent to checking with migration administrations, they discover Christopher arrived in India not very far in the past. A cop is dispatched to Christopher's home to explore, and he discovers all the proof supporting their hypothesis, yet before he could alarm his group, he is slaughtered. Christopher traps Ranjith's group and catches Joseph and Vandana. Having no way out, Ranjith leaves the emergency clinic to meet Christopher at a stockroom. There, he discovers Joseph and Vandana remaining on the floor with nooses around their necks. After a long battle, Ranjith figures out how to overwhelm Christopher and hangs him. The press touches base at the site, and Ranjith reveals to them Christopher is another casualty of the sequential executioner. 

A couple of days after the fact, Joseph and Vandana meet Ranjith at his home and ask him for what valid reason he didn't educate the press that Christopher was the sequential executioner. Ranjith then uncovers his arrangement about their prior task. He intends to execute the five lawbreakers and accuse the sequential executioner and furthermore outline the remainder of them as the sequential executioner himself. Amid the end credits, it is demonstrated that his arrangement worked.

Watch Nibunan ( Intelligent ):-

Hindi dubbed version of Nibunan that is Intelligent is available on Goldmines Telefilms YouTube channel. Click here to watch.

14. Drishyam ( Malayalam ):-

Drishyam best thriller movie - 14

Drishyam is Malayalam thriller Drama movie, featuring compete actor Mohanlal in lead role. I will say this movie a pure thriller. A story revolves around how a father protects his daughter how accidentally murdered a boy, for some reasons.

Drishyam is not dubbed in Hindi but movie is remade in Hindi featuring Ajay Devgan in lead role, movie is also remade Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. But I will say none of them is as good as original one. IMDb rating of Drishyam is 8.8 out of 10.


  1. Mohanlal
  2. Meena
  3. Anshiba Hassan
  4. Anil
  5. Arshad
  6. Asha Shrath
  7. Kunchan and more.
Star cast of Drishyam is very long, refer wikipedia for full cast:-


Georgekutty is a vagrant who had dropped out of school after his fourth grade. Presently he is a businessperson running a digital TV administration in a provincial zone. He is hitched to Rani and they have two little girls, Anju and Anu. His solitary intrigue separated from his family is watching films. He invests the majority of his energy before the TV in his little office. 

Amid a nature camp, Anju gets captured in the restroom by a concealed mobile phone. The guilty party, Varun, is the child of police overseer general Geetha Prabhakar. Varun is inadvertently murdered by Rani and her girl when he comes to coerce them. They shroud his body in a manure pit, which is seen by Anu. Rani educates Georgekutty regarding the occurrence and he devises an approach to spare his family from the law. He evacuates the broken PDA and discards Varun's vehicle, which is seen by Constable Sahadevan, who has resentment against Georgekutty. Georgekutty takes them out on an excursion to Thodupuzha to supplicate in a congregation, watch a motion picture and eat at an eatery. Geetha, seeing that her child has disappeared, begins an examination. 

After a fundamental examination, Geetha calls Georgekutty and family for addressing. Georgekutty, who had anticipated this would occur, had just shown his family how to change their plausible excuse at the season of homicide. At the point when addressed exclusively, they give similar answers. Georgekutty additionally introduces the bill of the eatery, the motion picture ticket and the transport tickets as confirmation of their plausible excuse. Geetha questions the proprietors of the foundations they have been to and their announcements demonstrate Georgekutty's justification. In any case, Geetha acknowledges later that Georgekutty had faked the proof and set up his explanation on the proprietors by going on an excursion with his family to similar foundations later. 

Geetha captures Georgekutty and family and Sahadevan utilizes animal power to thoroughly demolish them. Inevitably, Anu gives in and uncovers where the body is covered. Subsequent to burrowing the manure pit, they discover the remains of a calf, showing that Georgekutty had moved the body. Anu reports to the media and grumbles against Sahadevan. The constable is suspended and Geetha leaves from her post. 

Afterward, Geetha and Prabhakar meet Georgekutty to approach pardoning for their impolite and brutal conduct. Prabhakar inquires as to whether he can enlighten them regarding their child. Georgekutty then uncovers in a roundabout way that his family has carried out a wrongdoing. Presently in remand, Georgekutty signs a register at the recently developed neighborhood police headquarters. As he leaves, a flashback demonstrates him leaving the fragmented police headquarters with a scoop close by, showing that he has concealed Varun's body in the establishments of the police headquarters itself.

Watch Drishyam movie online:-

Drishyam is available on online streaming platform Hotstar. Click link to watch now.

13. Imaikkaa Nodigal:-

Imaikkaa Nodigal Best thriller movie - 13

Imaikkaa Nodigal is a Tamil Suspense psycho crime thriller movie staring staring lady superstar Nayanthara, Anurag Kashyap, Atharva and Raashi Khana in lead role. The movie was written and directed by R. Ajay Gnanamuthuwith. Hindi dubbing rights of Imaikkaa Nodigal was sold out way before the release of the movie. And here we have the complete information of the Hindi dubbed version.

Our ratings:- 4.4/5*

Watch Imaikkaa Nodigal movie:-

Right now you can watch Tamil and Telugu version of Imaikkaa Nodigal on Amazon Prime Videos. Click here to watch it on Amazon Prime Videos. Hindi dub version will also release soon.

12. Maayavan:-

Maayavan Best thriller movie - 12

Maayavan is a Tamil sci-fic action thriller movie released in 2017, written-directed-produced by C.V. Kumar. The movie was also dubbed in Telugu as Project Z. Tamil version of this movie a available on Amazon Prime videos. The movie had received a great response from critics and has a IMDb rating of of 7.3 out of 10.

Our ratings:- 4.3/5*

Watch Maayavan movie online:-

Maayavan is available on Amazon prime Video in Tamil language, you can watch it there.

11. Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru:-

Theeran best thriller movie - 11

Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru ( Popular as Theeran ) is a Tamil crime thriller movie, based on true event, featuring Karthi and Rakul Preet Singh in lead role. Movie was directed by H. Vinodh and produced by S.R Prabhu. Movie was released in Tamil and Telugu language, Tamil as ' Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru ' and in Telugu as 'Khaaki The Power of Police'. Later movie was also dubbed into Hindi as 'Theeran' by Goldmines Telefilms.

The film is dedicated to all the people in the police department who fought and arrested those dacoits, and we thank them for their bravery and courage. The officers involved in this case were not recognized by the government by providing any honorary awards, neither were they promoted to higher posts.

For Theeran actor Karthi had won Filmfare award for Best actor - critics ( South ) and filmfare award for best actor ( Tamil ). Theeran is Karthi's carrier's best performance. I honestly saying,' I included this movie in this list just because of Karthi's Acting and wonderful direction of H. Vinodh.


  1. Karthi
  2. Rakul Preet Singh
  3. Abhimanyu Singh
  4. Bose Venkat
  5. Praveena
  6. Manobala
  7. Satyan
  8. Sonia
  9. Kishore and more.

Our Ratings:- 3.8/5*


The film starts with a scene from a police headquarters where Sasi, the cop in control, arranges that the reported criminal cases as compositions be changed over into advanced configuration. Amid this procedure he goes over a truly spine-chilling dacoity murder case from quite a long while back. Subsequent to perusing the case history, he calls up the cop who had assumed responsibility for the case, Theeran Thirumaran. 

The story movements to the year 1995, where Theeran is in his police preparing school experiencing preparing to be posted as DSP from TNPSC tests. He beat the preparation time frame. At the same time, in a house along the thruway of Tamil Nadu, a gathering of dacoits wreck the house by bursting in killing every one of the general population inside horrifyingly and taking the possessions. 

In the interim, Theeran comes back to the place where he grew up of Tanjavur, becomes hopelessly enamored with his new neighbor Sripriya otherwise known as Priya, and weds her. Afterward, Theeran ends up known in the police division for his methods for dealing with different cases, and he is later moved to Ponneri after a dacoital assault. Police Inspector Satya and Theeran both handle the case however turn into dead end with the case. In this manner, in 2003, Theeran, Sathya, and a gathering of other cops circumvent India to check whether they can distinguish the fingerprints of the dacoits. Amid this procedure Theeran discovers that these dacoits are really clan individuals from the left over social gatherings after the Indian Independence. They are in the long run ceased by the thoughtlessness of their prevalent officers, and the case is put on hold. 

Later in 2003, the dacoits assault the place of the decision gathering's MLA and slaughter him. The administration is under overwhelming weight from the general population, and the Home Minister gives Theeran all forces and a full group to seize the dacoits. After a year, they discover one unique mark coordinate in Uttar Pradesh jail and go to a lorry station to catch the dacoit. Discovering that the lorry has left and it is going to Ponneri, Theeran and different officers race to stop them. The dacoits assault Sathya's home and murder his significant other (Sonia), and furthermore harm Priya and place her in a state of insensibility. In mid 2004, Priya at last bites the dust with her two-month old infant subsequent to experiencing the trance like state for a year. 

Infuriated by this episode, Theeran, with the assistance of higher authorities, assembles a group to catch the posse of dacoits lead by Oma. They camp in Rajasthan with the assistance of a neighborhood cop. They come to realize that the posse individuals aside from Oma are in their town, so they visit the town, just to be conveyed by the locals. While the case is going on, Theeran discovers that Priya kicked the bucket. This fills his resentment, which makes him much progressively inspired to discover Oma. The group discovers that there is an approach to bring Oma out from his town. So he catches the coordinator of the pack and one of the posse individuals and places them in police care. Rankled Oma promises to execute Theeran and his group. Theeran gets data that Oma will be on a train which is penetrated by the group, yet Oma breaks to a close-by town. Theeran and his group stroll to the town and dwell there throughout the evening. Oma's group penetrates the town, devastating it and murdering Theeran's colleagues. At last, Theeran catches Oma, conveys him to Tamil Nadu, and gets him a capital punishment.

Watch Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru:-

Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru is available in all 3 ( Tamil, Telugu and Hindi ) language on different streaming platforms. Tamil and Telugu version is available on Amazon Prime videos. Telugu version is also available on YouTube on Aditya Movies - Telugu and Hindi and Hindi dubbed version is available on Goldmines Telefilms YouTube channel.

10. 24 ( Movie ):-

24 is Tamil Sci-fic action thriller movie, featuring Suriya Shivkumar in lead role. According to me, it is the best time travel movie ever made in India, till date. Movie was dubbed in Hindi by Zee entertainment as Time Story. Personally, this one of my favourite Suriya's movie. Suriya had done triple character in this movie, Mani-Dr. Sethuraman-Athreya. Athreya is the character which hardly anyone could justify as Suriya did.

Movie was directed by Vikram Kumar and was produced by Suriya himself. According to some reports, previously Vikram Kumar had planned to feature Chiyaan Vikram and Illeana in lead role, but due to some problems this was dropped and I this Suriya is more suitable for this role. IMDb rating of 24 IS 7.9 out of 10.


  1. Suriya Shivkumar
  2. Samantha Ruth Prabhu
  3. Nithya Menon
  4. Ajay
  5. Sheela Christina Raj
  6. Girish Kardan
  7. Sathyan
  8. Mohan raman

Our rating:- 4.4/5*


Dr. Sethuraman is a presumed researcher and watchmaker who lives with his better half Priya and infant child Mani in a manor with a lab at Megamalai. In January 1990, on his birthday he imagines a watch utilizing which an individual can go forward and backward in time for a limit of 24 hours. His insidious twin sibling Athreya attempts to take the watch and murders Priya all the while. Sethuraman escapes with Mani and sheets a train. Before Athraya arrives, he hands Mani to a traveler named Sathyabama and argues her to spare his child. Athreya slaughters Sethuraman and is truly harmed trying to get away. Sathyabama's dad is against her choice to spare Mani, and she leaves with him for Chennai to respect the guarantee given to Sethuraman. 

after 26 years, Mani turns into a watchmaker who considers Sathyabama as his organic mother. An incapacitated Athreya awakens from trance like state and chooses to discover the watch; he would like to return to 1990 and spare himself from the mishap. In a progression of episodes, Mani discovers Dr. Sethuraman's watch and investigates its forces. Utilizing them, he figures out how to inspire Sathya, his customer who hails from Sathyabama's local spot Gopalasamudram. Athreya's nearby associate Mithran issues a promotion offering five crores to the person who discovers Dr. Sethuraman's watch. Counting Mani, many set up the copy of the watch and submit them. Be that as it may, Athreya recognizes Mani's structure precise, separates his arm and murders him, along these lines picking up ownership of the watch. 

Athreya is stunned to realize that the watch can just enable him to go forward and backward just for 24 hours and chooses to restore Mani. Mithran places the watch on Mani's correct hand and leaves. Mani gets up next morning and is stunned as he wore the watch on his correct hand. He ventures out back to the previous evening and subtly pursues Mithran. Athreya predicts this and figures out how to trick Mani with Mithran's assistance that he is Sethuraman who made due from Athreya as a paraplegic. Mani gains from Sathyabama that Sethuraman left him in the train and confronted Athreya in another compartment. 

Mani leaves with Sathyabama for Gopalasamudram and joins her with her offended family. He additionally comes to realize that Sathya is Sathyabama's niece, and the pair begin to look all starry eyed at. Athreya lands with Mithran and persuades everybody including Mani that he is Sethuraman and that Athreya is dead. Sathya finds out about Athreya's character later and attempts to uncover it to Mani. Be that as it may, Athreya figures out how to tumble from a staircase and Mani, uninformed of the truth, goes back in time and spares him. Sathya overlooks Athreya's personality and expect that he is Sethuraman. 

Mani gains from Mithran that his dad is going to kick the bucket soon and wishes to see Priya for one final time by making a trip back so as to 1990. Mani adjusts the watch and tests it, which uncovers reality about Athreya's character. He traps Athreya to tell about the date and time of Priya's demise and gives him a phony watch. Mani utilizes the first watch to venture out back so as to 1990 and Athreya joins him by contacting the genuine watch being used. 

In January 1990, Sethuraman and Priya recognize the changed watch on their child's hand. At first glad, Sethuraman faculties threat; he feels that Mani came back to a little child's age as they may not be alive when he had the capacity to talk. Athreya, presently youthful and solid, assaults Sethuraman to discover the watch. Sethuraman and Priya escape with Mani, and Athreya incidentally slaughters Mithran. Priya and Mani cover up in a room, as Athreya faces Sethuraman in the patio nursery. Sethuraman solidifies the time and lays Athreya before a shot, along these lines killing him. He at that point escapes with Priya and Mani and sheets a similar train. They meet Sathyabama and Sethuraman consents to train science to kids in a school built by her dad in Gopalasamudram. The film closes with youthful Mani talking with Satya.

Watch 24 movie online:-

24 is available in Telugu language on Hotstar. Click link to start watching:-

9. Kathakali:-

Kathakali best thriller movie - 9

Kathakali is Tamil action thriller movie released in 2016, staring Vishal and Catherine Tresa in lead role. Movie was directed, produced and written by Pandiraj. Movie was dubbed in Hindi as Khel Power Ka by Zee entertainment. And was also dubbed in Telugu with same title. IMDb rating of Kathakali is 6.6 out of 10.


  1. Vishal
  2. Catherine Tresa
  3. Madhusudhan Rao
  4. Karuna
  5. Imman Annachi
  6. Mime Gopi and more.

Our ratings:- 3.5/5*


Amudhavel, in the wake of going through six years in the United States, comes back to Cuddalore for his marriage to his long-term sweetheart Meenu Kutty. He is compelled to welcome to his marriage a nearby wear Thamba, notwithstanding a past history between them. Thamba was in charge of hauling Amudhavel and his senior sibling Gnanavel to imprison five years back on a bogus charge after Gnanavel, who worked in Thamba's angling business, chose to leave Thamba and begin his very own angling business. Thamba was likewise in charge of hacking off the leg of Amudhavel and Gnanavel's dad Rajarathinam when he had endeavored to mediate in the battle among Thamba and his children, restricting him to a wheelchair. To escape from Thamba and his pack and not make any more mischief his family, Amudhavel had emigrated to the US. 

While Amudhavel is in Chennai doing wedding shopping with Meenu Kutty, he gets the news that Thamba had been killed the earlier day. Sadly for Amudhavel, he is before long associated with killing Thamba because of their ill will. Thamba's partners in crime set Amudhavel's home ablaze, constraining Gnanavel and his family to remain in isolation. Examiner Saravana Vadivel, a pitiless and savage cop, is allocated to convey Thamba's executioner to equity. Since Amudhavel is the prime suspect, Vadivel orders him to introduce himself at Cuddalore the following day and demonstrate his guiltlessness, coming up short which he will be considered as Thamba's killer and will be tossed into prison. Amudhavel leaves for Cuddalore at midnight, with policemen vigorously guarding the transport and course in which he is making a trip to keep him from getting away. 

Amudhavel figures out how to escape from the police at Puducherry and gets together with Gnanavel and his family. Amudhavel and Gnanavel then leave for Cuddalore to meet Vadivel. They before long discover that Vadivel has no aim of hearing their story and is resolved to toss them into jail. They escape from Vadivel and the police. Meenu Kutty is compelled to sit in the police headquarters by Vadivel as he trusts that Amudhavel will assume the fault for the homicide to ensure his life partner. While on the run, Amudhavel discovers that Vadivel is behind the demise of Thamba. He at that point overwhelms Thamba's brothers by marriage and Vadivel, just as his high school child, and holds them prisoner to discover reality. Vadivel had been mortified before his better half by Thamba, in view of which he had chosen to render retribution on Thamba by sending men to murder him and after that encircling his passing on Amudhavel, since he appeared to be anything but difficult to outline and furthermore as a result of the history among Thamba and Amudhavel. Amudhavel faces Vadivel, constraining him to uncover that he was Thamba's killer. Be that as it may, both Thamba's brothers by marriage were likewise associated with the homicide as they needed to usurp Thamba's position. They at that point battle with Amudhavel, with one of the brothers by marriage murdered by his own man unintentionally. Vadivel is likewise severely assaulted by Amudhavel. Lamentably for Vadivel and the other brother by marriage, Thamba's high school child had caught their admission in regards to the homicide, and he executes the two his uncle and Vadivel with a metal silencer. 

At last, it is uncovered to the group of onlookers that however Vadivel and Thamba's in-laws had plotted to slaughter Thamba, the genuine killer of Thamba was Amudhavel. Amudhavel, who was resolved to render retribution against Thamba for the abominations that he submitted against him and his family, had wounded Thamba and gotten away before Vadivel's men arrived and further cut a withering Thamba to death.

Watch Kathakali movie:-

Kathakali is available on Sunnxt website and Sunnxt app.

8. 1 Nenokkadine:-

1 Nenokkadine Best thriller movie - 8

1 Nenokkadine is Psychological thriller movie of Telugu language movie, staring Superstar Mahesh Babu and Kriti Senon in lead role. Movie was directed by Sukumar. I will say, 1 Nenokkadine is one of the best psychological thriller movie ever made. Unfortunately movie didn't done that good at box office. Movie was highly appreciated by critics and IMDb rating of movie is 8.8 out of 10.

Movie was dubbed in Hindi as 1 ka dum by Rkd digital. Movie marks as debut of Mahesh Babu's son Gautham Krishna, who played the younger version of Mahesh Babu in the movie.


  1. Mahesh Babu
  2. Kirti Senon
  3. Aanand
  4. Anu Hassan
  5. Kelly Dorji
  6. Surya

Our ratings:- 4.3/5*


Gautham is a schizophrenic Indian shake artist who is missing 25 percent of his dim issue. He fantasizes a secretive individual he accepts is one of the three killers of his folks. As a tyke, Gautham was persuaded that he was a vagrant and accept that his folks are dead; he doesn't recall their names or what they resembled. 

At one of his shows, Gautham sees one of the three men and pursues him. Sameera, a writer at the show, films Gautham battling his nonexistent adversary. Gautham surrenders to the police subsequent to "executing" the man, admitting that he slaughtered three men: one in Belfast, one in Pune and one a little while ago in Hyderabad. He is discharged from care after Sameera communicates the video on TV. As indicated by his specialist, if Gautham can daydream an individual other than the three men, he can be dealt with. Gautham goes to Goa in the midst of a furlough. Sameera stalks him, persuading him that two individuals are stalking him: a writer who needs to talk with him (fanciful), and an individual professing to be his fan. Gautham starts to begin to look all starry eyed at Sameera. He spares her from a gathering of individuals attempting to kill her; on a separated island together Gautham learns reality behind the fourth nonexistent individual and composes Sameera off as an exasperates columnist. When he finds out about Sameera's goals, she has left for Hyderabad; Gautham seeks after her. 

In Hyderabad, Gautham unintentionally ruins Sameera's birthday plans, chafing her. In spite of the fact that he is persuaded that he has made up a foe to adapt to being a vagrant, a puzzling individual endeavors to execute Sameera. Gautham spares her and proposes marriage, which she acknowledges. Sameera discovers that the puzzling individual is Antonio Rosarios, a Goa-based wrongdoing supervisor who needs to execute her since she endeavored to uncover the nearness of hydrogen cyanide in seeds sold by Rosarios' organization, AG1. Gautham meets Rosarios in the entryway of Sameera's place of business. Accepting that he is a dream, he shoots Rosarios in his mind. When Gautham acknowledges Rosarios is genuine he is dead, and Gautham discovers that his folks were killed. He gets a matured cabbie who was stalking him, and discovers that two London-based Indians slaughtered his folks; his dad gave the cab driver a pack to provide for Gautham. Taken care of is an old Rubik's Cube, a key and a British coin. 

Gautham and Sameera go to London, where they and their driver Gulaab Singh escape from a homicide endeavor; Gautham's administrator, Michael, is executed. The Rubik's Cube, when illuminated a specific way, uncovers a protected store enclose number which Gautham finds a safeguarded rice test. In the wake of getting away from another homicide endeavor in a parking garage, he escapes the police and the two men with Sameera and Singh's assistance. One of the men—a fan—looks for vengeance for his dad, who was slaughtered by Gautham in Belfast when he performed there. Gautham discovers that the matured cab driver he met beforehand is a specialist and the killer; the individual hit by the representative's vehicle in Gautham's essence was the real, honest cabbie. 

Gautham and the agent defy one another, and the businessperson says that he and Gautham's dad were great companions and individual researchers. They took a shot at developing Golden rice, an assortment which could develop in any climate. At the point when Gautham's dad would not offer it for appropriating it comprehensively for nothing, the businessperson and Rosarios murdered his folks. When he won't inform Gautham concerning his folks, Gautham murders him. On his way to the air terminal, Gautham passes the school he had visited and hears youngsters singing a rhyme. It helps him to remember a comparable rhyme he gained from his mom, and he recollects his way back to his home. At his home (a run down estate) Gautham finds a photograph of his folks, Chandrasekhar and Kalyani. He later presents the rice assortment at a worldwide tradition as "the second green insurgency", and the film closes with Gautham remaining in his field of Golden rice.

Watch 1 Nenokkadine:-

Both Hindi and Telugu version of 1 Nenokkadine is available on YouTube. Telugu version on Niharika Movies and Hindi version on Rkd digital studious youtube channel.

7. Awe ( Telugu ):-

Awe Best thriller movies - 7

Awe! is a Telugu psychological thriller movie. Just one word for this movie from me, ' Masterpiece '. I will not discuss about the plot of the movie or any thing Just go and watch the movie and get surprised.

Movie was directed by Prashanth Varma and produced by Nani. Movie was dubbed in Hindi as Antaryudh.


  1. Kajal Aggarwal
  2. Esha Reba
  3. Nithya Menon
  4. Ragina
  5. Murali Sharma
  6. Nani and Ravi Teja ( Voice over for Tree and a fish )

Our ratings:- 4.7/5*

Watch Awe movie online:-

Telugu version of Awe is available on Netflix, and Hindi version that is Antaryudh is available on Hotstar.

6. Irumbu Thirai:-

Irumbu thirai best thriller movie - 6

Irumbu Thirai is Tamil language action techno-thriller movie, which deals with cyber security in India. We can say Irumbu Thirai is one of the best movie of 2018. Movie was released in Tamil and Telugu simultaneously, Telugu version was titled as Abhimanyudu. Later the movie was dubbed in Hindi by Goldmines Telefilms as The Returns of Abhimanyu. North Indian audience had greatly appreciated the movie.

Movie was directed by P.S. Mithran and was produced by Vishal himself under Vishal film factory. Critics had given great positive reviews to the movie, IMDb rating of Irumbu Thirai is 7.7 out of 10.


  1. Vishal
  2. Samantha Ruth Prabhu
  3. Arjun Sarja
  4. Delhi Ganesh
  5. Sreeja Ravi
  6. Suman
  7. Robo Shankar and more.

Our Ratings:- 4/5*


Major Kathiravan is chipping away at annoyance the executives issues under boss specialist Rathi Devi with the desire for continuing his activity. She advises him to go to his town to invest energy with his dad and sister. Kathiravan detests his dad because of his propensity for getting cash, reluctantly does this. Kathiravan finds that his sister's life partner's family requests them to shoulder the marriage costs. He understands his slip-up of forsaking his family and guarantees to satisfy his sister's desire. 

Kathiravan comes back to Chennai to apply advance just to get it dismissed all over. With the exhortation of his uncle, he takes his dad to Chennai alongside him and attempts to get a credit in his dad's name and too get dismissed wherever because of money related security. They get drawn nearer by a man who professes to be an advance specialist and instructs them to fashion reports to get advance for a commission. Kathiravan at first can't, however he reluctantly consents to the man's offer and presents all the first archives to him. The man encourages them in getting an advance of 6 Lakhs INR. 

At first, Kathiravan is excited and begins the marriage readiness. Later on, when his dad was unfit to pull back cash because of deficient equalization, he educates Kathiravan who thus is stunned to think about the missing asset. Kathiravan enquires the bank staff in a vain exertion. He gets baffled and chastens his dad. Unfit to shoulder the words, his dad endeavors suicide. In the medical clinic, Kathiravan comes to realize that his dad took obligations to expand Kathiravan's debilitated mother's life. He feels contrite in the wake of hearing this and begins cherishing his dad. On Rathi Devi's recommendation and with assistance of his companions in the military he chooses to the track down the individual capable. 

Kathiravan figures out how to secure and pursue a credit specialist like his advance operator so as to remove data. He gets a telephone call from a private number who advises Kathiravan to discharge him as he reveals to him that he knows all insights regarding Kathiravan and even takes steps to discharge the private sound and video of his sister's telephone on the Internet. After hearing this, Kathiravan gets stunned and chooses to leave the specialist who gets lethally hit by a van. The strange individual is later uncovered to be Sathyamoorthy otherwise known as The White Devil who turned into the boss of the Dark Net by the utilization of Y2k Problem. He runs an instructive trust as front for his cybercrime arrange. 

Kathiravan tracks and faces Sathyamoorthy, the last uncovers his insight into the previous tailing him and discloses to him that he assaulted his sister. Sathyamoorthy additionally discloses to Kathiravan that he put Rs.10 Lakhs to his record from a hailed record for which he is court-martialed. All things considered, with the assistance of Rathi Devi, he tracks White Devil's henchmen.At the server ranch, the two at long last take part in a clench hand battle. Sathyamoorthy consumes the cash because of his god-complex. Every one of the general population who were conned by Sathyamoorthy come to think about WhiteDevil by Kathiravan and they achieve the dock. The general population recover their cash exchanged to their separate records. In the interim, Sathyamoorthy is captured by the police yet makes another client name named "Dark Angel" suggesting that he will return.

Watch Irumbu Thirai movie:-

Irumbu Thirai Tamil version is available on Zee5 and Hindi dubbed version is available on Goldmines Telefilms YouTube channel.

5. Goodachari:-

Goodachari Best thriller movie - 5

Goodachari is a Telugu Spy-thriller movie, staring Adhvi Sesh in main lead role. Movie was written by Adhvi shesh himself and was directed my Sashi Kiran Thikka. Abhishekh Namba produced the movie under his banner Abhishekh Pictures. IMDb rating is 7.8 out of 10. The movie was loosely inspired from Kingsman. Movie got great reviews from critic all over India.

Later movie was dubbed into Hindi as Intelligent Khiladi by Aditya Movies, and got huge appreciation from North Indian Audiences.


  1. Adhvi Sesh
  2. Sobhita Dhulipala
  3. Madhu Shalini
  4. Jagathpathi Babu
  5. Prakash Raj
  6. Venalla Kishore
  7. Supriya
  8. Ravi Prakash and more.

Our Ratings:- 4.2/5*

Plot:- Spoilers*

Gopi, alias Arjun, is brought up by his uncle Satya, after the death of his father Raghuveer. Raghuveer was killed during a classified mission as a RAW agent. Arjun dreams of joining the Indian foreign intelligence agency RAW, and is eventually recruited by "Trinetra", a wing of Indian protection force that reports directly to the PMO. Trinetra's chief, Damodar briefs his new recruits about Al-Mujahidin, a terrorist outfit based in several countries and its chief called Rana, whose identity remains unknown despite several attempts.

Meanwhile, he starts dating his neighbor, Dr. Sameera Rao a M.A. psychology graduated from Harvard University. Sameera introduces her uncle as her father. He discovers this and confronts her about this but Sameera confesses that her father died in an accident and she now considers her uncle as her father. Seeing how he's in a similar situation Arjun reveals his true identity.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Al-Mujahidin knows all about Trinetra. They are implementing "Mission Gopi" by following him wherever he goes. Arjun notices an Al-Mujahidin member near the Trinetra office and follows him. After some chase and struggle he obtains a clue '1112' from the Al-Mujahidin agent. The Trinetra team assumes that it is an attack plan which on 11 December which is a month but couldn't find the target of this attack, so they keep a close watch.

During graduation, Achari, a senior official and founder of Trinetra, attends as a chief guest of the ceremony. Sameera suggests that Arjun present a scotch-whiskey bottle to Damodar instead of going empty-handed. At the graduation, all recruits get their postings: Mohammad Basha gets selected for primary security detail, including escorting Achari. Leena Raajan is assigned to reconnaissance for Dhaka network through the Indian embassy in Dhaka. Arjun is selected as an undercover agent whose primary job is to infiltrate, recon, sabotage and even assassinate, all behind the enemy lines. Should he be discovered R.A.W would disavow him.

He'll be assisted by his former trainers Nadiya Qureshi, who oversees the operations and Shaam her trusted aid and technical lead. After the inauguration and reaching home Arjun realizes he misinterpreted the clue; the target is none other than Achari himself, and the attack today. Gopi tries to warn Basha but it's too late as the convoy is under attack already. Basha and Achari are killed while the assailants flee. At the same time in the Trinetra office, Damodar dies of poisoning as he takes a sip of the whiskey given by Arjun.

The media finds that several left behind artifacts have links to Arjun, and he is publicly flagged as a wanted terrorist. Sameera enters his apartment at the same time and gets killed in the cross-fire as Arjun is attacked by a Al-Mujahideen sniper. He is further attacked by Al-Majahideen members and flees the apartment as Indian special task forces attack his apartment. He manages to reach Rajahmundry where his uncle resides and they both deduce that there is a mole in Trinetra.

Arjun decides to find out this mole and the real identity of Rana. On basis of clues, he leaves India. Meanwhile, Nadiya and Shaam are appointed to catch Arjun. Rana finds out that his plan failed and instructs his men to kidnap Arjun, leading to a multicity chase. Arjun reaches the Visakhapatnam airport, where he learns Sameera's true identity from the person who pretended to be Sameera's father. She is a psychology graduate in Harvard from Chittagong, Bangladesh and she is the one to give the information about Arjun to Rana.

Arjun arrives in to further investigate Sameera's plan. Leena joins, believing in Arjun's innocence. This leads to Leena putting herself in danger and a new target of a sleeper cell. They find themselves in a video shop and through the DVDs, learns about the brainwashing methods employed by Al-Mujhadin. Rana's face is exposed in these visuals, and Arjun realizes something is off. He calls Satya and asks about his father, leading to the reveal that Rana is non-other than Raghuveer.

Arjun and Raghuveer reunite under violent and adversarial circumstances.

With Sameera gone, Arjun chooses to leave Trinetra, but Nadiya reminds him of his responsibility towards his country, and accepts his new mission. She gives a letter of Sameera's, which she found in the Arjun's private bank locker. It simply says to forgive her for not sharing her identity with him. Then Agent Gopi continuing his mission in Russia as Goodachari and hinting towards a sequel.

Watch Goodachari:-

Goodachari's Telugu version is available on Amazon Prime Videos and Hindi dubbed version on YouTube's Aditya Movies - Telugu & Hindi channel titled as Intelligent Khiladi.

4. U Turn ( Telugu ):-

U Turn best thriller movie - 4

NOTE:- I have not watched the original Kannada version of U Turn, that why included the Telugu/Tamil ( Remade ) version of U Turn.

U Turn a official remake of super hit Kannada movie U Turn. IMDb rating of this movie is 7 out of 10. Movie was simultaneously made in Tamil and Telugu language. Movie features Samantha Ruth Prabhu in lead role. We had already reviewed U Turn so we will not discuss is more here. Click to watch our U Turn movie review.


  1. Samantha
  2. Aadhi Shetty
  3. Bhumika Chawla
  4. Narain
  5. Aashish Vidhyarthi and more.

Watch U Turn movie:-

U turn is available on Amazon Prime Videos in Tamil language in Hindi, English and Chinese subtitles.

3. D 16 ( Dhruvangal Pathinaru ):-

D 16 Best Thriller - 3

D-16 is 2016 Tamil crime Thriller movie staring Rahman as lead actor. Movie was also dubbed in Telugu as 16: Every Details counts. The movie has received a great positive response from both audience and critics. Movie has a IMDb rating of 8.5/10.


  1. Rahman
  2. Prakash Vijay Raghav
  3. Anjana Jayaprakash
  4. Karthikyen
  5. Sarath Kumar and more

Our ratings:- 3.9/5*


The story starts with Deepak portraying the narrative of one of his case that happened amid his administration as a cop in Coimbatore. Deepak portrays the story to a man who is the child of another cop who has desired taking vocation guidance from him. At that point Deepak begins the story. Three young fellows hit a man with the vehicle they were driving on a stormy day in an area. Apprehensive that they may get captured, they convey the body to their home. Deepak proceeds with the story from his point of view. He goes to his office in the first part of the day and his sub-ordinate officer illuminates him about a suicide of an individual named Krish that has occurred in the territory and hands over the permit of that individual. The source, who is a paper kid is brought in to give his data. On out, the paper kid sees the vehicle from the wrongdoing scene and yells out to police. They overlook him. Deepak visits the wrongdoing scene and meets the new cop, Gautham. Gautham pursues his nature and notices about the those young fellows. They go to examine them. They act suspicious. In the wake of discovering nothing, they come back to the workplace. While on their way, they get a call educating them of another episode. They go there to find that, Shruti is missing with blood recolors on her room. Her companion Vaishnavi was the one to recognize this. Later Deepak gets a call saying that Shruti, earlier day evening had composed a grumbled against an individual Mano. He perceives the name as that of one of the young fellows and cross examines them. They recount the episode that happened 10 days preceding missing of Shruti. The episode was - she accidentally overspeeds and almost hits them. The three young fellows likewise admit that after the episode, they haven't met her. On further examination in Shruti's condo, it is uncovered that the blood bunch is B+ which matches with Krish. Gautham examines and distinguishes that, Shruti had enlightened the neighbor regarding a young fellow who is her life partner. They choose that the life partner may be Krish and choose to watch the young fellows as suspects. As the day closes, Deepak chooses to return home. His neighbor illuminates him about a young fellow who was sitting tight for him. Deepak had caught a camera from certain children. These children were approached to meet him at his habitation for getting back the camera. From the camera,Deepak sees that Vaishnavi has lied about arriving late to the house, while she was there before. He likewise sees the vehicle number from the video. Both Gautham and Deepak chooses to keep an eye on Vaishnavi, yet they understand that she is absent from her home. They go searching for her all over however she isn't found. She is then appeared to be in the air terminal. Gautham and Deepak reach the resolution that one among the young men may have been the suspect and that Shruti would have given grumbling against the one whose name she would have mistaken for. After this end they see Mano out and about on his approach to police headquarters. To the Deepak and Gautham, he portrays the occurrence of how they hit the man while driving the vehicle, and later conveying the body lastly understanding that the body was taken by the first executioner. He admits this to the police and says that the paper kid who saw them hit the man has been requesting pay-off and undermining them. The paper kid discloses to the police that upon the arrival of the frequency, he saw a man with a projectile injury who had evidently ended it all and another case were the vehicle hit a man. Gautham and Deepak speculate the circumstance by portraying a story - Both Krish and Shruti are in the condo and afterward the mysterious executioner breaks in and grabs Shruti, Krish, and Vaishnavi's accepted sweetheart and compromises Vaishnavi. While endeavoring to get away, Krish is executed. Vaishnavi's beau additionally escapes and is hit by the vehicle and murdered. Be that as it may, they don't know of the story. At long last they get a lead to the vehicle number and tails it. Be that as it may, Gautham and Deepak meets with a mishap. 

In the wake of portraying this much, Deepak asks the other man to him he was portraying the story whether regardless he needs to be in the police. Deepak pardons himself into the house. While he is ther he comes to realize that the individual with whom he was chatting isn't the individual whom he thought to be. He ends up careful and takes his gun. 

In the peak it is uncovered by Vaishnavi to Deepak that Shruti was manhandled and her recordings taken by Krish (who really acquainted himself with Vaishali as Mano, against whom Shruti had given a protest) and his companion. Shruti's sweetheart, Rajeev, had intended to visit her this equivalent day to astonish her. He enters the scene. However, Krish overwhelms him and removes Shruti. At long last, Rajeev meets Krish and assaults him. In this battle, Krish bites the dust. What's more, Rajeev pursues Krish's companion and it is this man who gets hit by the vehicle and kicks the bucket. Rajeev then takes Vaishanvi and Shruti to Nasik alongside him. 

The man to whom Deepak was conversing with uncovers himself as his old accomplice, Gautham. Before Deepak can take his firearm, Gautham holds him at gunpoint. He reveals to Deepak that after the mishap he needed to get a medical procedure to get his face reestablished. He had come to ask Deepak on for what valid reason he let the executioner live. He answers that Rajeev was his child and subsequently didn't unravel the case. This maddens Gautham who shoots him saying that on account of Rajeev, he presently needs to live as someone else. Deepak gets killed,while Gautham gets shot in the arm by the police who later overwhelms him. His destiny is obscure. The film closes with Deepak portraying that had the story been told from Gautham's perspective, he would have been the scalawag.

Watch D 16 Movie:-

Dhuruvangal Pathinaru is available on Amazon Prime videos in Hindi, English and Tamil subtitles on Prime videos.

2. Vikram Vedha:-

Vikram Vedha Best thriller movies - 2

Vikram Vedha - R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi starer this movie is nothing less than a Masterpiece. Old tales of Vikram-Vetal presented in a new innovative and thrilling way. Vikram-Vetal tales are itself a thrilling story and when such story is made by directors like Pushkar & Gaaytri, the result a masterpiece ( Vikram Vedha ). Beautiful screenplay and unexpected climax made this movie one of the best of best.

IMDb rating of Vikram Vedha is 8.7 out of 10 and it was the highest IMDb rated Indian movie of year 2017. Later movie was dubbed in Hindi with same title by Goldmines Telefilms. I will not discuss a single thing about story, you just go and watch if you have already watched give you reviews in comment box.


  1. R. Madhavan
  2. Vijay Sethupathi
  3. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
  4. Prem
  5. E. Raamdoos and more.

Our review:- 4.8/5*

Watch Vikram Vedha:-

Hindi dubbed version of Vikram Vedha is available on YouTube on Goldmines Telefilms YouTube channel and also available on Hotstar.

1. Ratsasan:-

Ratsasan Best thriller movie - 1

Ratsasan is Tamil, psychological crime thriller movie written and directed by Ram Kumar. Ratsasan features Vishnu Vishal and Amala Paul in lead role. Ratsasan was a lit. Probably the best crime thriller/psychological thriller movie of 2018, everyone who will watch this movie can't stop himself from recommending it to others. A perfect thriller movie which will make you scare at a moment. The case is same as Vikram Vedha, I will not discuss the story line at all ( Highly recommended, don't miss in any case ). I personally came across this movie when lots of subscribers on my YouTube channel came a recommended me.

Our ratings:- 4.9/5*


  1. Vishnu Vishal
  2. Amala Paul
  3. Radha Ravi
  4. Kaali Venkat
  5. Sanjay
  6. Priya and many other

Watch Ratsasan movie:-

Ratsasan is available on Sunnxt website and app, with English subtitles you can watch it their by having a subscription.

Hopefully, this list would be helpful to you, all the movies in list are highly recommended by me, but don't miss Ratsasan, Vikram Vedha and Awe in any cause. Thank you for your time, so yeah enjoy watching.

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